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[Written at top] Return enclosed

W-MCP1-3a.045 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ. from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 8 1905
To: Thomas McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest boy,

Thank you very much for your fine long letter received on Monday. From all quarters our committee hears of Mr. Eakins' abilities, but they would not be satisfied unless they heard other also. There is one point about which I do not feel satisfied; from what I heard in Guelph there is not Christian Endeavour and no Senior Mission Band in the church, and am not sure Mr. E. even takes the Sabbath Bible Class and Mr. & Mrs. E. have been there five years.

It was quite a pleasant surprise to have a visit from Cal. on Saturday, he took tea with us and went on by six o'clock to Lynedoch, that is the home of Hon. John Charlton and I was sorry to hear from Dr. Fletcher who dined with us on Sabbath, that he is ill from paralysis, having had a second attack, so that he will never be able to enter public life again. His only child was an idiot, and lived till he was forty-five, always having an attendant. Wasn't that a sore trial?

Sydney Stevenson ran in on Sabbath morning and went to church with us, her mother and aunt had spent the day with Mrs. Ambrose. I invited them all to tea, but only Sydney came. Mr. George went off by six o'clock train and Mrs. S. came in for a few minutes, they returned by 8 o'clock train. If it is necessary for me to go to Glen Falls, which is two hours ride north of Albany, Miss Buchanan says, she will go with me.

Isn't the change in temperature this morning a great relief (only it will be wet for your feet, do get a pair of rubbers). Yesterday morning, I had to go down East and the cold was bitter, but really we are wonderfully comfortable in our house now, and the gas-grate makes the library delightfully warm and we can toast by it too.

Dear Me! I think that Proudfoot family had more wisdom, for none of them are young and they seem as thoughtless as children. Mrs. George during her visit went to 20 afternoon and 14 evening card parties, and this playing for something is just where the ignorance of right and wrong shows itself. I am glad you do not like cards & some day you may see how you show a decided front against them. You are rather inclined, dearie, to slip along easily, not of such a pugnacious temperament as your mother, but I do not believe in compromise with Evil.

I am posting this by 10:30 a.m. mail, let me know if it reaches you to-night. So sorry E. had such cold weather for her visit, expect her Saturday night. Have you remembered to visit Willie MacKay, he generally goes to bed about nine. With fondest love.

Your mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

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