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W-MCP2-3b.041 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jan 15 1903
To: Thomas McQuesten 37 Wood St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

I have not heard from you since I wrote last, but I did not expect to hear from you on Saturday as you had already written that week. There is really nothing to tell, we just go on as usual. Very thoughtful that the weather has moderated. Is your landlady able to keep you warm? I trust coal will soon come in. We are saving ours all we can. I am trying to get a man to cut the logs in the yard, we could us it in the kitchen.

Yesterday afternoon I saw Mrs. Bell, she told me, they had the most miserable Christmas owing to the jealousy of Charlie and Florrie in regard to Herbie. The miserable pair were wild at the idea of H. going to Paris. Think he is just scheming to get a trip and the squeal Charlie has told the Gates and Mrs. G. had the assurance to talk to Mrs. B. and say she ought to write Prof. Wrony to make sure he really did advise H.'s going. Mrs. B. was thoroughly incensed and really broken hearted with her own family's selfishness. Mrs. Gates is thoroughly mad, because Mrs. B. will not offer to set up Charlie. As she says she did for Charlie everything she could but he persisted in sitting up nights writing plays which of course have come to nothing-instead of studying. So the two beauties set upon their mother as to her will, for fear H. would get a dollar more1.

Cal. had a very good article in last Herald on State of affairs in Persia, it was taken from the London Times and boiled down. I see Mr. Proudfoot's brother the Rev. Dr. is dead. We had so much snow on Sabbath, that it took a man three hrs. to dig us out (Vaun was sick). So on Monday morning Hilda had to go out to hunt up a man, it was fearfully cold too. She got Miss Holleran's brother.

Ruby said it was all the men could do to keep the College warm. Janie James enjoyed her trip to the coast, in different places they were met by friends of the mission with provisions, everything they could possibly want, they were to sail on Tuesday. Have you got yourself some apples? I sent you the Presbyterian. I think McDonald's farewell on first page one of the nicest things I ever read.

Cal. said that Ken announced the other day that the Doctor ordered him to give up the use of stimulants entirely, it is to be hoped he will obey2.

Well, my dear, cannot think of another thing to say, except to take good care of yourself and not catch cold. With much love dearie.

Ever your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

turn over

[P.S.] Heurner Mullin went away to St. Catharines on Saturday to recuperate. He looked very ill and his mother thinks it was a touch of typhoid.

1 For the Bell family, see W4531 and the Bell and Gates family, see W4582.

2 Likely, Ken Trigge, see W4635.

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