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W-MCP2-3b.046 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN ESQ. B.A. from his brother [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten
Aug 30 1906
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: Box 13, Macleod, Alberta

My dear Tom,

Was very glad indeed to get your letter and as the Mater has forwarded several of your epistles since, I am well informed as to your doings.

You must have had a pretty heavy summer's work and it is hard luck getting no holidays yet; but at the same time, I should think this railway work would be invaluable to you. I suppose that no other branch of law is so remunerative and if you ever go into politics, you will know how to meet the companies at their own game.

In regard to this joy you take in closing out the people at the beach, I am afraid that you are a vindictive brute. I also doubt whether "ten years of scourging" will be enough to make people sit up and take notice. When the Toronto Street Railway can go on as it has for so long and cause so many people such continual inconvenience, there does not seem to be much probability of their taking a lively interest in things which affect them more remotely.

I do not think that I shall come east till Christmas. It is pretty slow out here, but I guess it is just about what I need so should not complain.

Would you be so kind as to mail me Goldwin Smith's "History of the United States" and also the second volume of his History of the United Kingdom, both of which should be among the books in your room.

Have seen Greig several times in Macleod, and I expect to see him again to-morrow when I am going to drive in a man with a broken leg to see the doctor.

Greig seems to be quite favorably impressed with Macleod, principally for business reasons I fancy, although as he has got in the small but sporty bunch which poses as the local 400 he has rather enjoyed his spare time too. The last time I saw him he had been engaged in concocting a hot air banquet for the Lieut.-Gov. of Alberta, who is a lobster named Bulyea. He also showed me a couple of your snapshots of the old women, which I thought were capital. Please give them my profound regards. Drop me a line if you get time tho' I know you are pretty busy.

Your affectionate brother

Calvin McQuesten

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