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W-MCP2-3b.052 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN ESQ. B.A. from his brother [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten
Jun 29 1904
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten Quyon P.O., Quebec
From: Stand-Off, Alberta

My dear Tim [Tom],

It seems so awfully late in the day to offer congratulations in your graduation standing, but last week I was desperately busy between letters to churches in the east & Sun Dance in addition to ordinary work & study. I think you did splendidly considering all the distractions involved in Rhodes Scholarship & Varsity and from the Mater's account you must have had a very merry week. I had rather a lively week myself last week with these Blackfoot braves, and was frequently threatened with personal violence, but my bluffs held good, as most of these Indians have very little [?stand?]. I will write you further particulars when I have some photos to send.

Isn't the Federal Government getting it in the neck? "wow!" Between the Dundonald affair and the Auditor General's resignation, I think that if K.L. Borden could show that he can annul the G.T.R. contract for [?] in favor of public ownership, the Cons. will win out at the next election. I cannot understand how a finished diplomat like Sir Wilfred could have made such a horrible break as to call Dundonald a foreigner. He must be getting pretty irascible. I imagine the Libs will be wishing that they had gone to the country before this last session of the House. If they had done so I believe they would have won. Now I think they're almost sure to lose.

I think that Sidney Fisher is the most contemptible member of the cabinet. He is a sissy, a grafter, & the worst kind of a nepotist.

Tim, my boy, I'd like nothing better than to see you train yourself through the law for a political career. I think that a man should begin a study of politics early but should determinedly keep out of office until he has attained some standing both financial & otherwise in the community. There are a great many young lawyers who queer themselves by being run for office before they have even a regular income much less an independent one. My idea is that a man should stick to his profession closely, merely keeping carefully posted on current political events & taking an occasional hand on the hustings at election time until he has an independent income & has attained a standing which will command the support of the best people of the community, and then let him get right into it.

Hope you will have a pleasant summer on the Ottawa.

Yours affectionately,


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