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[Written on envelope:] in care of Mr. G. Garson Singh

W-MCP4-6.179 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Ransom Tunnicliff
Nov 25 1836
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, Monroe County, New York, [U.S.A]
From: Albion, [New York, U.S.A.]


Mr. McQuesten in my letter to you the other day2 I was in so much of a hurry that I do not know as I did make you understand what I wanted you to. I wanted you to come and see me and we would have some talk so as to make Mr. Gardner Believe that you had sold me a Quarter of your Furnace and that I would have a tendancy [sic]2 to keep him from [carting?] macheans [sic] to hamilton [sic] to sell he could do a considerable damage to your macheans Bisnefs [sic] [or?]--he ment [sic] undersell you and in that way turndown [sic] the price of the macheans so as to make it unprofitable Bisnefs and he [ment?] [?] [himself?] and that would Be all, But if you and I should make a sort of a Bargain, I do not Believe he would say a word for all the Clames [?] he has made or intends to have is he sais [sic] he thinks as long as he pays me as much as any Body dos [sic] he sais [sic] he thinks I aught [sic] to stay. But I think that I can Be of more Benefit to you than to him. Mr. McQuesten it is not the money that I want so much it is the [honor?] of doing so much good &c--I shall do all that lies in my power and then I want this all to Be don [sic] as soon as posable [sic] [?]. I want to Be there to fix for winter and I want to know your mind on this subject as soon as posable [sic]. I do not want you to think that I want By [sic] a part of your Furnace But I want to clear you from all damages and to make him feal [sic] Toowords [sic] me as he aught to feal. I know it will a great deal of an influence on all of the partners of the company. I wish you to inform me what you think about it and I want you to say to me what it is Best to do. I told him I was a going to Hamilton to work and said he would give me $1.50 per day and Bord [sic] me do my washing too But I feal indebted to you and if I can do any thing I want to be abought [sic] it for it is prety [sic] late in the seson [sic] yours with respect

your Obediant [sic] servant

Ransom Tunnicliff

1 John Fisher mentions Tunnicliff in W-MCP4-6.189, W-MCP4-6.195, W-MCP4-6.203, W-MCP4-6.218, and W-MCP4-6.231.

2 He is probably referring to letter W-MCP4-6.181, which has the date of November 21, 1836 on it.

3 This letter has been transcribed true to the original with the many spelling errors intact.

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