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W-MCP4-6.186 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin John Fisher
Jun 26 1838
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, [Brockport, New York, U.S.A]
From: Hamilton, [Ontario]

Dear Cousin,

I have this day rec'd yours of the 20th inst. and will answer it as you request--On the 16th I sent you a Draft of $150. which has not been acknowledged--I hope you have before this rec'd it--If not I will send you a duplicate as soon as I hear from you.

I cannot describe the excitement that exists here--business all stopped--Stores shut--all looking around to see what is to come next. If these troubles do not soon pass over we may as well be out of the country--cost it what it may--What part agency your citizens had in the affair at the Short Hills1--you have to take the responsibility of all the trouble.

Sales such the 16th--$57.97--excluding a few charges at the shop which I have not before [met?]--This amounts to nearly nothing--I shall stop the furnace after this date for a short time--If things settle down we will start again--Janes is now at Brockport. I know not what after--He is carrying himself in a strange manner--2

We have nothing particular to communicate other than is above.

With respect we are yours

John Fisher

1 Jun 10 1838 St. Johns, Ontario--James Morrow, Samuel Chandler and their raiding party attack St. Johns, in Pelham Township; get as far as Short Hills by June 21; their intention is to get the Six Nations Iroquois to rise up in rebellion.

Jun 21 1838 Fonthill Ontario--James Morrow, Samuel Chandler and their raiding party arrive at the Short Hills, 12 km from St Catherines; join up with 22 other supporters.

Jun 23 1838 Hamilton Ontario--Col. Allan MacNab orders out four militia regiments from the Gore District--the 3rd Gore, the Beverley Regiment, the Queen's Own and the Queen's Rangers, to intercept the patriots. Thirty-one patriots, including two women, are arrested. Dr. J. T. Wilson escapes. Regular troops and the Niagara militia capture Samuel Chandler, James Morrow, Benjamin Wait and Alexander McLeod; end of week long Short Hills raid. Morrow, Wait and Chandler will be tried and sentenced to hang. Wait and Chandler are recommended for mercy by the jury and sentenced to banishment to Tasmania for life, but Morrow will be executed at Niagara on July 30. Four American citizens and several others deemed British subjects by birth or naturalization are sentenced to be hanged. After receiving petitions for clemency, Governor Sir George Arthur recommends that Jacob Beemer be executed.

"Short hills." Dec. 3, 2003.

See W-MCP4-6.193, for a note on William Lyon Mackenzie's Rebellion of 1838, and the capture and incarceration of Mr. Parker, a friend of Fisher's.

2 Mr. [Joseph] Janes was a business partner in the foundry. Apparently, he and Fisher had some difficulties working together and eventually Janes ran off, leaving his wife and numerous debts behind. For more details and links, see W-MCP4-6.237. For Fisher, see W-MCP5-6.240.

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