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Jan 4 1839
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, Monroe County, New York, U.S.A
From: Waterloo, [Canada West?]

Dear Sir,1

In hand Letter with the $150.00 was duly rec'd the cash came in a good time--I am disappointed that Dr. Thatcher does not pay I hope he will no longer forget the insurance he gave me that it should be paid in time. The [Stadman?] noted I have [note?]. You will please state to Esq. Norton that the understanding with the Darlings in the presence of Norton was that if the Darling [sic] voluntarily turned [over?] property to the sheriff to secure my debt, and confefs [sic]2 judgment that I would pay $5,00 of the expenses which I think was said to be 1/2 the expenses of the confession--I am willing to pay the $5,00 and ought to pay no more--I shant have been better pleased to have Esq. Norton taken his pay when this Debt should be collected. I should like to know the amount of the Dr. Randall debt--If the Darling Debt is not paid how soon will it be? Also if their [sic] is any prospect of getting any thing of R. [Slokhs?]?-- I should think that some of the [remained?] with Gifford might be collected. But I cannot point out what they are. Be so good as to cast your eye over the judg'ts [sic] in my favor and & see if their are not some that are good? And advise about it--

Their is a report here in circulation that 50 families that went West from Buffalo and Rochester had recently returned that many had died & that many who returned were still labouring under disease. What are facts in regard to this? Who of our B'port [Brockport] folks have returned? Have any returned wanting to purchase the house & store that I occupied? Is the store rented, if not can it not be? Do what you can for me in renting and collecting rents. Is church property worth anything. I would like to sell 3 slips if you see [fishers?]. The nos. & conditions left with Esq. Gifford. Is Dr. Mc[?] at B'port now?

If their is any cash collected or should their be soon for me, will you be so kind as to forward it.

My respects to Mrs. McQuestion [McQuesten] & brother Gifford & wife, we are intolerable health--please to communicate any thing to me that you may deem interesting.

Does Esq. J. climb up any?

Yours very resp'ly

I.B. Elliot

P.S. Will you write me without much delay? I oblige you will.

1 It is not known if this Waterloo is in Ontario or Ohio or Illinois, or elsewhere. If Mr. Elliott is originally from Brockport, New York (he still owns property there) then Waterloo, Ontario is West of there, and is much closer than the other two. He also enquires about families moving west from Buffalo and Rochester and South Western Ontario is in that direction. In 1839, Dr. McQuesten is preparing to move to Hamilton, Ontario, himself.

2 The writer employs the archaic "fs" for "ss" which we have transcribed as "ss" for ease of reading.

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