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W-MCP4-6.189 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin John Fisher
Jan 24 1839
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Hamilton, [Ontario]

Dear Cousin,

I have jambed up my thumbs so that I am hardly able to write but will try to make up a few statements. I have now on hand 112 Hides which weigh about 8715 Pounds. I shall have $500 worth before they will be taken away. I can obtain more if you think best. The most are frozen rolled up--Such as can be spread over a fence I hang out--If it comes warm I shall have to overhall [sic] all that are now frozen in the roll--I wish you would send over a team (for I expect from your letter that they will come this winter for the Hides) and take a load and examine what I have--to see if all is right.

I can buy almost any amt. I have engaged Mr. Dike (who had left work forces by the day) to make 30 Cylinders in the same state. Janes bought of [sic] Backus at $7 each. He puts up his own price--Will find Material might go 90@ which will cost us, say 60 Castings at 6 cts.=$3.60. 30 Wroughts at 41/2 cts.=$1.35. $11.95 for use of Horse to make the above we are to have the Drill when done. The Wrought Iron I obtain for our work so that it will be much cheaper I think than to pay $15.00 at Brockport which will amount to about $16.50 here--I have hired a man who has commenced the job to do the wood work for 20 machines by the first of August for $150--of Janes new machine and 8 of the old Portable--work on Janes worth--$400 each more than the old kind Wrought Iron work--5.00 in castings 200 pounds less------sell for $15 or $20 more--Harris has left me and I have melted the Iron for three weeks myself, think I do it equally as well as when he did--The first time I made a Core Wheel which [?] had 675 w. The Scotch Iron from Montreal is not as good as what we have had before--it is hard but good for all work but Stove Plate.

We have made but little plate since it came and the season here was past. We are now making Ploughs--finished about 50--I want to make up what I think we shall want in the spring--I am making 10 sets of Scales--I have not heard from Janes--He will never return here. He is in debt to many more than I had supposed.1 I intend after this to melt the Iron. I think I do it a little better, than either of our men ever have save Tunnicliff.2 I have some $100 of Backus money, if he wishes I will send it him or buy hides with it.

I shall take the 20 Tons Coal of C & Ball and hope I shall make no other debt in the [?] very soon.

Business is tolerable just now I will as soon as I have a day to spare send you a full statement of our affairs. I am hoping we shall have a good year for business It looks like it now. There will not be as much credit as formerly. I send this by F. Parker oldest son of J.G. Parker--We are all well and shall feel contented if business is good

Yours &c.

John Fisher

1 Mr. [Joseph] Janes was a business partner in the foundry. Apparently, he and Fisher had some difficulties working together and eventually Janes ran off, leaving his wife and numerous debts behind. For more details and links, see W-MCP4-6.237. For Fisher, see W-MCP5-6.240.

2 Fisher mentions Tunnicliff in W-MCP4-6.195, W-MCP4-6.203, W-MCP4-6.218 and W-MCP4-6.231. Tunnicliff wrote W-MCP4-6.179 and W-MCP4-6.181.

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