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W-MCP4-6.191 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Eli S. Hunter
Mar 30 1937
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, Monroe County, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Oswego, New York, [U.S.A.]

My dear Brother,

I have wanted all winter to write you a letter but some time I have been prevented by ill health and much of the time I have had nothing to write but the story of my own [?] affairs which certainly could not be interesting to others.1

Things have been so [reduced?] in the provision of God that the winter, tho long and dreary,--a winter of sickness, exposure and privation has still been an eventful one. I have been permitted to visit many and distant portions of the Church, and to meet with many of the friends of truth & holiness and thus have had an opportunity of gathering a great many fragments of information that will be of some use to me. Information thus secured is always valuable, though it is not always worth what it costs. It will, at all events, be some time before my inclination will put me under a similar tuition: but not withstanding all the hardship and privation that I have experienced, I have from day to day experienced much of the covenant faithfulness of God. His care and providence have protected and sustained me when in a land of strangers and separated from all the endearments of home.

For some time as you have probably been informed I have been labouring with this problem. The field which is here open for usefulness, I think it is somewhat inviting to one who is [?] to devote all his powers to God in the service of his Son.

There is in this newly formed Church great unanimity of sentiment, as well as much ardent good feeling and harmonious action in the cause of Christ--and I am inclined to think upon the whole that the field is more inviting than [Scottsville?] as it is much larger, many more can be brought under the [?] action of the gospel [here?], who otherwise, would be away from the means of Salvation than there. And there is as little to be apprehended here from those things which in many [?] was the Church and Cloth the Zion of God with mourning as in any place wherever. There is in this place a Congregational newsuasion Church; it is known as such, and all whom participate are that way go there, and there is no more communion between them, and the Orthodox churches that there is between the Orthodox Churches and the Methodists--they usually belong to a third denomination: which makes it quite pleasant and hopeful as to unity and plan.

In the Church there is considerable religious feeling--many are anxious for their souls. We had a meeting of the Church yesterday which promised much for the prosperity of the cause of God in the most of us. O that our best hopes might be realized! Of the state of things at home I hear some times, and think oftener; I do feel disturbed for the prosperity of that little church. I hope they will soon have with them a better pastor than they have ever had and be built up in the faith of the Gospel.

Many interesting scenes as a mission, dear Brother, we have passed through in harmony & in love in our official relations to that people.--But then relations are at best to care.--but this tender recollections of the part will with me, never no never. My best wishes will always attend you and the other Brethren of our session "till life's sun is set,"-- I expect to return in two or three weeks from this time, to Brockport, and whether I shall do anything above my former [dismi?] before that timer, or not I have not concluded, or I should conclude to do any thing previously to my return, I will of course, write you again.

I hope you call often to see my folks and comfort them in their [?]--Do dear brother, for the attention that remains continuous so to do--Remember me kindly to Jacob and to other dear Friends --Don't forget Dr. Arms and wife.--Offer my kind and Christian regards to Mrs. McQuesten & [?] for yourself. With the highest esteem of you affectionate Friend,

Eli S. Hunter

1 This letter was very difficult to read and there may be errors in the transcription.

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