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W-MCP4-6.199 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Hugh Main
Jan 25 1850
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Fergus, [Ontario]

My dear Sir--

I should have sent you a communication before this time in consequence of the statement which I made to you when I saw you last in Hamilton. On mature reflection, however, I have come to the conclusion not to write a letter bearing directly on the subject of religion, in reference to the statement of your good Wife, Estimate,1 on the occasion of doing more evil on the one hand than I could effect good on the other. When in the providence of God I may be permitted to see her I shall be delighted to use any pofsible [sic]2 expedient in order to import consolation to her mind. Be opened therefore, that Mrs. Main and myself feel intensely interested in her welfare and hope that she is more convalescent and in the fair way of a rapid and entire recovery.

We would suggest to you the adoption of all means calculated to relax and keep the mind easy & in connection with select scripture reading and intense fervent secret prayer on your own part and this high expediency--when good sleighing comes of paying us a visit and spending a few days--Let us both be remembered to Mrs. Mcquesten [sic] as entertaining for her the highest regard and feeling the deepest interest in her well-being--Let one good friend Dr. Ferrier be assured of my regards and tell him that at our next meeting of Presbytery in April I will make it a point to see him in Hamilton. Be pleased [?] to say that I have received no communication from Newyork [sic] for reasons which I will assign and explain to him when (God willing) we may meet--

Let our friend Mr. Fisher know that as yet I have received no letter from his person to when the check was lately sent.-- Remember us very affectionately to him and family--

I am Dear Sir Your True and devoted friend

Hugh Main

Fergus, January 25th, 1850

1 Dr. Calvin McQuesten married Estimate Ruth Esther Baldwin on September 9, 1844, after the death of his first wife, Margarette B. Lerned in 1841.

2 The writer uses the archaic "fs" for "ss" throughout, which we transcribed as "ss" for ease of reading.

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