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W-MCP4-6.208 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his business partner Joseph Janes
Dec 16 1835
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, New York, U.S.A.
From: Hamilton, Upper Canada

Mr. McQuesten Sir,

I wish to inform you that I hav [sic] heard nothing from our iron yet can not find out whither [sic] it has even been shipd [sic] or not & wish you to write as soon as you receive this and try and learn what time it was shiped [sic] what it was shiped aboard on &c. Our Cole [sic] has just arrived if we cant get iron below we must make calculations to get it at long point. I have engaged a large quantity of castings and we must get agoing [sic] as soon as possible. I have been pooling off people this some time and they say they can't wait much longer. Stiles has just Returned. Fisher I have heard nothing of yet [them?] going off has poot [sic] us back two weeks. Our chimney is to be bilt [sic] yet we have a good deal to do yet before we can start. I want you to giv [sic] us some advice concerning iron.

I am in want of some money to pay our duties to [get?] portion & can not collect any here. I have better than $200 dollars to make out on the 18th and have only $25 at present--You will say to Backus that I have just rec'd the 8 machines together with the bellowses found all that belongs to them but old Mike and Judkins and say to him that I need from him concerning Patents how they was [sic] obtained &c. To make the story as short as possible tell him that no man can get a Patent unless he is a Subject [words blotted out] tell him I should meet him before this if he could of got a patent tell him I shal [sic] be at Brockport the last of this month and will bring him all the money I can.

I am Sir yours in [haste?]

[Joseph] Janes1

[P.S.] [word(s) blotted out] I have seen Capt. Zeland2 this after noon and he says that we can't get any iron up the Lake this winter but says if it ends in any port betwixt this and Sacketts Harbour3 [he?] would go and get it but [durst?] not go as far dow[n?] as that port all the skooners [sic] are laid up on the lake but Capt. Zeland's he will run from this to Toronto all winter I think we had better make calculations to get him to long point with us as soon as you receive this, we must have some iron the last of next week without fale [sic].

1 Mr. [Joseph] Janes was a business partner in the foundry and apparently he and co-founder John Knox Fisher had some difficulties working together. In 1838 Janes ran off, leaving his wife and numerous debts behind. For more details and links, see W-MCP4-6.237. For Fisher, see W-MCP5-6.240.

2 In W-MCP4-6.206, Janes spells this name as "Zealand."

3 It is difficult to read what the original article says, but in another letter to Dr. McQuesten from November 22, 1835, Janes very clearly writes "Sacketts Harbour" (W-MCP4-6.206).

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