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[This document contains an enclosed note signed by Levi Pond and Calvin McQuesten.]

W-MCP4-6.212 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Daniel Sanborn
Feb 10 1836
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, New York, U.S.A.
From: Sanbornton Bridge, New Hampshire

Mr. McQuesten,

Sir, I Received your letter Stating that you and Mr. Pond would keep the Land and have me harmles [sic] providing I think to give it up, I like the farm and like that Cuntry [sic] & Mr. [Nays?] has lately Received a letter from his father [?] Nays in your neighbourhood, and he tells me that Land has lately Risen Considerably, but myself and five more of us hav bin [sic] sick and about [sic] all of us Confined to the room & women & I have not sent on the Draft as I talk'd and my situation is now sutch [sic] that I think it will now be best for me to not keep the Land, if you can take the Land and sell it so as to Reward yourselfs [sic] Rightly for your trouble and keep me harmles Conserning the security I gave, and give me fifty or a hundred Dollars to pay me for my time and Expence [sic] going on [there?]; it will be generously Received.

(here in this Letter is inclosed the obligation that you McQuesten and Mr. Pond gave me and as soon as you Receive this obligation Please to send me the acknowledgement of it.)

Please to write to me so that I can get it by the first of April, for the time will then be out for me to quit where I now live and I do not yet know where I shall buy.

Daniel Sanborn

[P.S.] Mr. McQuesten my sicknefs [sic]1 was short it was only the Measles and if you Can sell the Land and Clear me and Can make something by it, I am glad of it, if you do not give me any thing I shall not think hard, but if it is that you Can afford to give me something it will be Received with gratitude, I think in my sircumstance [sic] I can do as well other when at present as I can to come there

May the Lord Blefs you and your Companions with health and a Long and honest and happy life and give you temporal and spiritual prosperity

keep this scrap to your self and not let any one know it.

Daniel Sanborn

[Enclosure with letter:]

Whereas Calvin McQuesten and Levi Pond has this day signed to [Lefs Ganett?] these several notes amounting in all to $1612.26 for Daniel Sanborn & the said [Lefs Ganett?] has afsigned to the said McQuesten & Pond a certain bond or Contract from the office of Herman I. Redfield Esq. for Twenty five Acres of Land--Now if the said Daniel Sanborn shall pay the said notes accordingly to keep harmlefs the said--McQuesten & Pond then they are to afsign the bond over to the said Sanborn.

October 10 1835

Levi Pond

Calvin McQuesten

1 The writer uses the archaic "fs" for "ss".

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