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Dec 14 1839
To: Dr. Calvin and Margarette McQuesten from Joe Sutphin Hamilton, Upper Canada
From: Sweden, [New York, U.S.A.]1

Dear Friends,

After waiting for a long time for some intelligence from you a little found its way to my hands in [Mr. True?] as though postage was a serious obstacle in our communications--any way we were exceedingly gratified to receive a [scrap?] of your [?] father & to hear you were pleasantly situated, we were sorry you were not more particular but as we have a promise of more in detail soon we will not at present complain. We hope you will not postpone--As for ourselves we would be glad to make a visit at your place but do not see how we can soon, on the 22 Oct. Dr. Thatcher presented us with a daughter. Dr. McClure was at the west Dr. [?] was at Auburn so we had Hopkin's choice as [Barfunter?] could not be endured. My dear wife has passed through this sixth trial as comfortably as through any former one after one week after her confinement she was doing for the child what was necessary, as a nurse. The second week dismissed her girl & was about the house as smart as a cricket.

We are all enjoying good health it is also a general time of health Old Mr. [?] died very suddenly. I was last week at Rochester on the [trial?] of Brooks & Jackson damages were brought in favor of the former for $100 the other trial is put over till March. We have purchased the Baptist bell & stoves & pipe for $240 & have repaired the steeple to keep out the rain. The subscription for Mr. [Hackton's?] salary is made up or nearly so & other matters go on much as ideal very good attendance on the Sabbath. The bible classes are becoming more interesting & I think there is upon the whole rather an improvement in the state of things [Mr. Hackton?] has preached at different periods three sermons which I think have done good--Mr. Kay has preached three sermons characterized as usual with depth of thought & "sound speech which cannot be gainsayed [sic]."

I was appointed delegate to Synod at Rochester but on account family affairs did not attend. They had a session of two weeks nearly the whole matter of difference came up in the course of discussion the results of which was a portion against a resolution raised by the majority which wanted to tie this Synod by Presbyterians to the new assembly. The protest was signed by 32 members among whom was Mr. Baardman of Rochester, Lemuel Brooks of Churchville & [?] "Benedict" the prophet--is that we shall have an independent Presbytery. We have a convention to be held at Rochester at the time of the annual meeting of our Pres. next February. I have learned that several who voted with the majority have seen cause to repent Baardman & Mack have both left Rochester. Meritt is [?] deeply in [?].

Your old friend Mrs. Jones has been at Brockport & gave an informal notice to complain to session of your treatment [is key?] this was I think in Sept., but nothing farther in relation to it has transpired since & no objections were made to your letters. She informed Mr. Stockton that the letters you had written to N. Hampshire were in her possession & I suppose through [E.H.L.?]2 so much for his penitence. I would be glad to be in possession of some facts relating to his conduct [the?] past year if your wife can give them, he may perhaps press us farther for a letter. It is a most distressing time here in many matters I scarcely know how to pay, for our papers you wish to have yours sent direct to your place I shall endeavour to send about the last of the month. Mary Goodrich has notified me that she wants her portion in cash next spring, of course you will be called on for the amount due from you. I have not sold the Spencer House but it amts to $100 a year.

Ansel is in dry [?] & Sathrope store, they give him a liberal compensation if he stays till he is of age. Arms & Kings have a fine shop & are doing fine business. Elizabeth Benedict has been to Connecticut & saw Dr. [H?] at Norwalk & heard him preach twice & administer the sacraments, he was in fine spirits & in good health.

Now dear friend I must conclude, my wife sends much love, says she would be happy to have you pick a turkey with us N. Year & do not ask when you will be at Brockport. I need not say, that you will find some glad to see you.

Dear Friends your affectionate Brother

Joe Sutphin

Calvin & Margaritta [sic] B. McQuesten

1 Likely Sweden, New York, since it is a town located in Monroe County near Brockport, which was the home of the McQuestens for several years in the 1830's.

2 Likely an allusion to Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten's brother Edward Augustus Holyoke Lerned, who had served as a witness for Mrs. Jones in a defamation suit against Dr. McQuesten. He had also demanded settlement from Dr. McQuesten over wages that he claimed were owed to him from his work at the pharmacy of Budlong & McQuesten. For more information and links, see W0144, W0824 and W-MCP4-6.233.

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