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W-MCP5-6.370a TO ESTIMATE RUTH ESTHER BALDWIN [MCQUESTEN] from her sister Lucy B. Flanders
Jul 4 1844
To: Estimate Ruth Esther Baldwin, Northampton, Massachusetts, [U.S.A.]
From: Londonderry, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Ever Dear Sister,

I have just returned from Manchester where I have been to celebrate or help celebrate our national jubilee. Have had the pleasure of hearing Messrs. Adams of Boston, Robinson of Lowell, Nesmith of Franklin and two gentlemen from Concord address a very large assembly. It is thought that there were from three to five thousand people collected from various parts of this state and many from Mass. What I heard I liked very much there was a great deal said that I could not hear.

We received your letter from Mr. Isaac and the result was much as I anticipated. My object in writing to you this inst. is to have you inform us when you will arrive in Charleston. Mary Ann and I are talking of going to Andover, Woburn and Charleston [?] our carriage and Mr. Tewksbury [torn page].
She can have the horse and [torn page]
should like to start so as [torn page]
It will be uncertain [torn page]
should go it will be very [torn page]
you. We have written [torn page]
to them that you [torn page]
to visit them on your [torn page]
not know their [torn page]
our contemplated [torn page]
receive an [torn page]
giving us the [torn page].

I am extremely sorry to hear that our dear Mother has such a lame arm. I wish I could see her and if possible do something to alleviate her sufferings for I know that she must suffer or she would not be discouraged. You know that she is not apt to look upon the dark side of the picture.

You ask if we do not long to see your beloved, most certainly we do and you too.1 And we love him if for no other cause because you love him. Mary Ann left here this morn for S. she rode with us to Manchester. The Dr. was called away just about noon in great haste to go to Litchfield to see Capt. Richardson who was very sick with the cholic, away he went in great haste and I was left to get a passage home as I best could. I happened to be so lucky as to get a ride with the Rev. Mr. Brainard and we had a very social time. He got home last Tuesday. His wife's sister was sick with the measles in Ohio which detained them about two weeks. Husband is considerably hurried with business and will not be able to write in this but sends his love to you and hopes soon to see [torn page]
has gone up to Manchester with [Mar?] [torn page]
would time he has waited upon her [torn page]
write more but am too [torn page].

Your ever affectionate, sister

Lucy B. Flanders

1 Estimate R.E. Baldwin and Dr. Calvin McQuesten were married on September 11, 1844 in New Hampshire. It was her first and his second marriage.

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