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W-MCP7-1.069 Letter to T.B. McQuesten from United States and Canada Bridge, Tunnel and Ferry Operators.
Mar 25 1946
To: T.B. McQuesten.
From: US-Canada Bridge, Tunnel and Ferry Operators.

Dear Sir:

The Governments of the United States of America and Dominion of Canada having expressed a desire to simplify Border Crossing formalities and having stated according to press reports that suuggestions would be welcomed and carefully considered by a Joint Committee consisting of representatives of both Goverments we have pleasure in submitting for your consideration the following suggestions resulting from several years' experience in operating which we are confident will materially assist in expediting the movement of traffic, simplify inspection, eliminate clerical work, and meet with public approval.

I. Touring Permits

Abolition of the issuance of Touring Permits except in the case where tourists are entering the country with outboard motors, guns, cameras, etc. that are being imported for vacation period only and will necessarily have to be recorded as an assurance that the article or equipment will not remain in the country permanently. The delay caused through the necessity for obtaining Touring Permits in our opinion is not justifiable, except in cases where equipment, etc. must be reported and recorded.

II. Motor Vehicle Permits

Discontinuance of the present practice of Requiring Car Registration Cards or Motor vehicle Permits to be deposited with Customs officials by owners of foreign cars when entering either country. Requirement of registration of motor cars in Canada and the United States is sufficient to protect the respective countries against importation of cars without payment of duty and the depositing of Registration Cards or Motor Vehicle Permits in practice adds nothing in the way of protection against such importation.

III. Declarations or Exemptions. (100.00 Exemption)

Enactment of legislation by both Governments to enable citizens of either country to import duty free over Bridges, through Tunnels or by Ferries any goods, supplies, materials or equipment not exceeding in value $100.00 every thirty days without any time, age or other requirment and limit oral declarations to $50.00 rather than $25.00 which amount is the maximum allowed by the U.S. Customs at present. In our opinion the time consumed by Inspectors on inspection and on clerical work does not justify the continuance of this practice.

IV. Customs and Immigration Personnel

The elimination of the unnecessary work involved as outlined in #1,#2 and #3 should release Inspectors for line inspection, and if not, sufficient personnel should be made available to eliminate delays that on numerous occasions at various Border Crossings have required from twenty to forty-five minutes to cross the border.

V. Bridge, Tunnel and Ferry Employees and Equipment

a. Permit use of equipment on either side of the Border without requiring payment of duty.

b. Permit Bridge, Tunnel and Ferry employees to work at, or on any part of the Bridges, Tunnels or Ferries or at either Terminal as may be required to facilitate travel, operation or maintenance.

In our opinion with the above modifications in force a tremendous increase in traffic which we anticipate in this present and in future years can be controlled and expeditiously handled without undue delays and eliminate many of the problems encountered in present inspection practices.

We are confident that with your careful consideration and approval of these suggestions the interests of both Goverments as well as the travelling public will be better served.

Respectfully submitted,


Duly Authorized

Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
Cornwall-Northern New York International Bridge Corporation
Detroit and Canada Tunnel Corporation
Detroit International Bridge Company
International Railway Company
Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
Niagara Lower Arch Bridge Co. Ltd.
Prescott & Ogdensburg Ferry Co. Ltd.
State Bridge Commission of Michigan
Thousand Islands Bridge Authority.

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