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In T.B. McQuesten's hand--written at top: 1/2 done, nothing since I left, 1st road after war, labour impossible.

Apr 23 1946
To: T.B. McQuesten, 69 James Street South, Hamilton, Ontario.
From: Mel Smith. New York (letterhead)

Stranahan, Harris & Company

Municipal Bonds
115 Broadway
New York 6, N.Y.
New York - Toledo - Chicago - Cleveland - Cincinnati

April 23 1946

The Honorable T.B. McQuesten
c/o Chisholm, McQuesten and Welby,
Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten:

In checking on the files with respect to Sault Ste. Marie, I find that one reason we did not pursue this matter more energetically was because of the necessity of having a completed road from North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie.

In talking with Mr. Harris today, we wondered if you had any information as to whether this road has been developed by you within the last two or three years, or if you knew of any intent to develop in the immediate future.

As a matter of interest Mr. Franklin D. Little, Secretary of the Commission in Ogdensburg, expects to be in New York next week, and at that time I may be able to give you further information. The engineer tells me that Ross Gray is introducing a new Ogdensburg bill in Canada. I had understood that Gray was no longer a Member of Parliament. Perhaps I am in error as to this.

I am leaving Wednesday night, April 24, for Chicago for a short trip. I hope the Niagara Falls legislation will progress so that I will be back shortly. Mr. Wood said he was looking forward to another trip, and I told him I would try and stall everything until the tower was habitable.1 Hill never did want things very comfortable, as you know.

With kindest regards, I am
Sincerely Yours,


Handwritten note at top of letter in T.B. McQuesten's hand, likely in preparation for reply to this letter, and in reference to the query about the road from North Bay to Sault: "1/2 done, Nothing since I left. 1st road after war, labour impossible."

Mel Smith later expressed interest in staying in the rooms at the Carillon tower in Niagara Falls. See W-MCP7-1.129.

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