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W-MCP7-1.096 TO MR. C. ELLISON KAUMEYER from James.
Jun 20 1946
To: Rainbow Bridge Commission, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
From: James.

Hamilton Boiler Works

Established 1913

Marine and Stationary Boiler Repairs

649-51-53 Main Steet West
Hamilton Ontario
Tanks - Boilers - Smoke Stacks - Machine Work - Blacksmithing - Electric Welding

June 20, 1946

Rainbow Bridge Comission
Niagara Falls, Ont

Attention Mr. C.E. Kaumeyer

Dear Sirs:

Mr Marten, my superintendent and Mr. S.F.Magnan of the Magnan engineering & construction Company have discussed the results of their examination of the Tower with me, and what in their opinion is the best method of rectifying the overheating of the rooms and bathrooms.

I understand you have had two plans under advisement: the first, to place a steel stack inside the concrete stack with an air space between which no doubt would relieve the overheating to a considerable extent, although there would still be radiation in some degree. The outside surface of the inner stack could not be painted and so the problem of corrosion would arise and within 10 years or so you might be confronted with a crumbling stack with no way of getting at it for repairs. The draft conditions also might be interfered with leading to other complications.

The second plan calls for the construction of a false wall right up through the building around the stack. I do not see how this could be done without narrowing the present bathrooms considerably and while it would also improve the situation it looks to me like a very expensive job.

I have gone into the matter quite thoroughly with Mr Marten and Mr. Magnan and we have concluded it is simply a question of insulating the rooms around the portions of walls against the chimney so that the heat will pass into the rooms through these walls. Mr Magnan's method would be to cut away a 4" space in each room floor and fill this in with Vermioulite insulating the concrete which would prevent the heat radiating along the floor. A 4" layer of insulating fire brick could be laid against the chimney wall from floor level up to the ceiling of each room and then a 2" layer of Vermioulite plaster placed on the outside surface of the fire brick.

As the insulating value of the fire brick is 2000 dgs. Fahr. and the Vermioulite 1600 dgs. Fahr. a total of 3600 Dgs. insulating value would be afforded. The present radiation loss from the stack through the walls into the rooms can hardly at the most exceed 150 dgs. Fahr. Otherwise the tiles along the walls would be discoloured which is not the case. This radiation loss is, however, sufficient to cause discomfort under existing circumstances.

Rainbow Bridge Commission - June 20, 1946

It is our opinion this proposed insulation will entirely eliminate the present radiation into the rooms and retain the heat within the stack where it should be. The draft conditions would be improved instead of deteriorating as might be the case in each of the two proposals already placed before the commission. Our suggestion would involve taking away about 9" of the floor space in each room which I understand would not cause any inconvenience.

As to the cost it is extremely difficult to estimate accurately a job of this type on account of some factors present. There will be a lot of expensive tile work to be removed, replaced and as much as can be salvaged. A good deal of scaffolding will be required and the 4" space out of each room floor around the chimney wall will have to be cased up from below in each instance in order to pour the new Vermioulite mixture to replace the concrete cut out. It would certainly be wise to defer the work until the elevator is installed and thus avoided the necessity of carrying all materials up the stairways. The cost would probably be around $4000.00 to $5000.00 and it might be the advantage of the Commission to have the job carried out under a cost plus basis.

If additional information is needed please let me know or I believe arrangements can be made for Mr. Magnan to attend a meeting if the Commission considers this desirable.

Very truly yours,
James H. Beale.

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