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W-MCP7-1.204 TO ARGUE MARTIN from Charles Stewart.
Nov 1 1943
To: Argue Martin, Secretary, Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association, Hamilton, Ontario.
From: Charles Stewart.

Hamilton, November 1st, 1943.

Argue Martin, Esq., K.C.,
Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association
Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Mr Martin: -

The Parks Board received a Deputation some weeks ago which asked it to communicate with the Executive of the H.A.A.A with a view to the acquisition of the H.A.A.A. grounds for sports purposes in accordance with the intention of its founders and its long history in this community. This Deputation had previously interviewed the Board of Control, and at the suggestion of the Board of Control had come on to this board.

We have given the matter some consideration and we are prepared to recommend to the Board of Control that the Parks Board be permitted to take over the existing mortgage and pay it off, and further agree with your Board of Directors to maintain the property and use it for sports purposes in such manner as may be mutually agreeable to your Board and to ourselves having in mind the perpetuation of the use of this field as it has been used for upwards of half a century by our citizens. We think it should be quite possible to reach such an agreement. As you know we have endeavoured to arrange a meeting between your Board and a sub-committee of this Board for some weeks.

We are mindful of the great contribution made to the cause of Amateur Sport by your Association and by the influential and public-spirited citizens, most of whom are now dead, the fore-runners of your Association who established the field, and who showed at different times their desire to perpetuate it for these public purposes without any expectation of reward, or even a return of their outlay. You can rest assured we are most desirous of maintaining these grounds for their original purposes in accordance with the wishes of the founders, and the policy of the City over a period of twenty-five years when it remitted taxes against these lands in order that they might be maintained and preserved for these purposes, and as a result of which they are in existence to this day. It would be very regrettable if, after the City's contribution, they should fall into private hands and be cut up and sold at large profit without any recognition of the generosity of the fine citizens who originally dedicated them or of the City's contribution.

We should be grateful if you would bring this letter to the attention of your Directors, and if you would arrange an early meeting to discuss conditions of transfer.

Yours Truly,
Chas Stewart

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