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W-MCP7-1.215 General Hospital Receipts for T.B. MCQUESTEN.
Jan 5 1948
To: the McQuesten family.

Jan 5th, 1948.
1 Mr. T.B. McQuesten
Hamilton General Hospital
To Hilda Whittle, Registered Nurse.
Address 321 Hunter St. Phone 2 3691
For attendance from Dec. 24th, 1947 to January 4th, 1948
12 days/nights at $6 per day/night = $72.00
Received Payment - Hilda Whittle Total Account $72.00

Jan 5th, 1948
Mr. T.B. McQuesten
Hamilton General Hospital
To Ruth E. Tate, Registered Nurse.
Address 108 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton Ontario Phone 2 9960
For attendance from December 26th 1947 to January 4th 1948
10 days at $6.00 per day = $60.00
Received Payment Ruth E. Tate Thanks Total Account $60.00

Hamilton, Jan 5 no 48
Mr. T.B. McQuesten
General Hospital
To Mary Kennedy Registered Nurse
Address Bartonville Phone 4-1931
For attendance from Dec. 29 1947 to Jan 5 1948
1 week at $42.00 per week = $42.00
Received Payment Mary Kennedy Total Account $42.00

January 18, 1948.
Mr. T.B. McQuesten
Jackson St. W, Hamilton.
To Hilda Whittle, Registered Nurse.
321 Hunter St. Phone 2 3691
For attendance from January 5th 1948 to January 13th 1948
1 week at $42 per week 2 days at $6 per day $12
Received Payment Hilda Whittle, Reg. Nurse Total Account 54.00

Hamilton Jan 21 1948.
General Hospital
To Mary Kennedy, Registered Nurse.
Address Bartonville, Phone 4 1931
For attendance from Jan 5 1948 to Jan 13 1948.
8 nights at $6.00 per night $48 00/100
Received Payment Mary Kennedy, Total Account 48 00/100

January 22nd 1948
Mr. T.B. McQuesten
To Ruth E. Tate , Registered Nurse
Address 108 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton Ont. Phone 29960
For attendance from Jan 5th 1948 to January 12th 1948.
8 days at $6.00 per day $48.00
Received Payment Ruth E. Tate, Total Account $48.00.

Reverse Side of each bill - Identical for Each]
The Hamilton Community Nursing Registry
Telephone 7 2734 - Hamilton, Ont.
Schedule of Fees - January 1st, 1947

  • Medical, Surgical, Obstetrical, Infectious and Mental Cases - 8 hour duty $6.00, 10 hour duty $7.00, 12 hour duty $8.00
  • Alcoholic and Drug Cases - 8 hour duty $8.00; 10 or 12 hour duty not to be undertaken.
  • Home cases where there is more than one patient $1.00 per day will be charged for each additional patient.
  • Hourly nursing in homes supplied at $1.50 for the first hour and $1.00 for each additional hour.
  • For Obstetrcial cases, nurses to charge full fee from date of engagement.
  • Travelling expenses extra.
  • Nurses to be paid weekly.
  • A nurse must be on duty at least four hours or over before fee is charged, otherwise the hourly rate is changed.
  • Nurses on 8 hour duty are entitled to one meal at the expense of the patient.
  • 24 hour duty eliminated from the Registry
  • Hospital 8 hour duty only - 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. or 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. or 3 p.m. - 11 p.m. and 11 p.m. - 7 a.m.

    1 T.B. McQuesten died on January 13, 1948. Some of his nurses were, Hilda Whittle, R.N., Ruth E. Tate, and Mary Kennedy. The nurse on the final shift was Mary Kennedy from Bartonville. Her final receipt states that she was on duty from January 5 to January 13 and it shows McQuesten as (deceased). The nurses were paid $6.00 per shift.

    There are several receipts but they have been recorded under one number. The others are: W-MCP7-1.217; W-MCP7-219, W-MCP7-221; W-MCP7-1.223; W-MCP7-1.225.

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