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W0019 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Mary P. McQuesten
Jan 1 1900 Thursday June 19
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Bradford Massachusetts
From: Amsbury Massachusetts

Dear Brother

Received your letter last Sat and would have answered it by line but was at Miss Swinger and had no opportunity to write to Mr. Bryton. I rejoice [??]. In that you are surrounded with so many pleasant objects. I hope she will be a memorable season do you I think you were never placed in an initiation so favourably for improvement both in mind and [??]. I expect you have got one of the best of Ministers. When you sit under such [?] I hope you will be led to reflect, that it will not be without an effect. If it is not a season of life into life it will add very much to your condemnation. [??] I hope this will be a season that you will have cause to remember through eternity. I feel deeply interested for your future happinefs [sic]. I hope a small pleasant school forward and not long and reasonable. I have seen most of the people that send children to me and like [??]. Have visited at Dan Holly's was very much pleased with them. They sent four children to me, they are very bright, their son in particular. The season of and going to Short meeting was to lend Mr. C. payment and did not [??] but he would preach in the afternoon but found he was not going to go [??] on to field meeting house and So! It was Mrs. Welsh that was from shiny, you may judge of our disappointment. How did you know we were there? I don't know I may go to Bradford with a [??] who is touching school in West Hamburg. She has mailed it to me. I have been reading the [??] of hope and of summary. It's a pleasant little thing I have now got [Cynus] travels, I think it will be swell for me [?] be interesting Classmaster. I have likewise got the Roman History in full, by Goldsmith. These rented in my chamber with my looks I think I can say I too by enjoying myself. I see no strangers not even visiting by the most I see is the Butcher who [??] to H. It is now late and my eyes ache. Sat, Morn rose this morning lifens five in order to complete your letter and [?] me leave. I have heard twice from home, but had no letters. Rev. Ms. Thurston Father has recovered. Ms. Frank has test his shop by five sons about two hundred dollars worth of goods in it I suppose this would call their engine into actions. I did not hear anything about those affairs for [??] pinched these.

Mr. Swinger said I wrote with you to some dinner to this safe bastion of H. Folks. We should like to see you but I don't know as there would be pleasure as any to component for the possible loss of time you must be obliged to come Thursday. Do you know Frannie Gadlow? The [??] sometime in Bedford, but [??] Harriet Plains father was buried last Sat. He lived the day by day and heard that his wife did the year before. I want you to write to me as often as once a fortnight and I will to you. When I hear from Bedford I will let you know. I believe you always complain of my writing. I don't know but you will think this is harder than ever to read.

Yours affectionately

Mary P. McQ

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