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W0027 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Eliza McQuesten.
Mar 11 1826
To: CalvinMcQuesten, M.D. Brunswick Maine
From: Bedford New Hampshire

Dear Brother

I do not recollect which engaged to write first, the time is about half expired. I think I shall wait no longer. I have been anxious to hear a narrative of your journey; I thought the ladies were quite sociable you started with, I think they would quantify tend to be quite the time of your serious side; I think you very much needed something to stir the gloom of nights you are so fond of the ladies I have no doubt you enjoyed yourself. Now I suppose you are closing all your books; it is Saturday night you will recollect I advised you not to study till 12 oclock on Saturday evening; but I do not expect you have minded me. There is nothing of particular interest taken place since you left us: the state of religion remains pretty much as at that time; there seems to be something that grieves the body & spirit it and keeps it at a distance, but I do think there are Christians who are anxiously inquiring what the evil thing is that prevents the effusions of the Holy Spirit here as in other places.

We have lately heard from Plymmouth; Charles McQuesten is living but very low he has been hopefully pious; likewise two of his brothers. The week after you left us took a letter out of the office for you from Dr. Little, it was in the office before you left town; he expected you would have received it before you left home; we thought we would not not [sic] send it on. I sent some extracts. He writes I have not received a line from any one of my good old friends since I left Hanover and thinking you would like to know whether I lived through that awful scene which I had so long dreaded & which you are now impatiently waiting for. I suppose the opportunity to inform you, we were examined at Dr. [?] house and when any have arrived I went to it well trembling but when I got into the room, I got [?] so much comfort and peace of mind as I did when questioned in the hall; I was much disappointed, after giving and account of his examination where he says I went in at half past eight and they let me out before the clock struck nine. I advise you to be a good scholar if you wish to be questioned a good while on examination for they will keep such as York, Sargeant, Simpson, Hutchison, White in a screening of them an hour and a half but a poor scholar like Haveltine and some others not more than half or three quarters of an hour at most before they would get sick of them and let them go. Be so good (he says in the closing of his letter, as to favour me with [?] see from Brunswick Institution. I am at Dr. Whiffles in Wentworth. Politics have been fashionable of late here, I have not imbibed much of the spirit of the times. They say Jackson will not have the vote of this state, Bell has the majority of 3000 votes. Sister Clarrissa is here desires her remembrance to you, they have concluded to send Eliza to school, she will go to Bradford. Mary French is likewise going. Lydia Barker has parted from her husband she is now in our Village. I can give you no particulars. You must write me and let me know how you are coming home. Mother sends much love she is pretty [?] for her. Your affectionate Sister Eliza

Bedford, New Hampshire
April 2

Mr. Calvin McQuesten
Brunswick, Maine

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