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Some parts of this letter are illegible due to the sender's handwriting, making his thoughts unclear.

W0042 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his friend George.
Sep 11 1826
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Bradford Academy Massachusetts
From: Boston

Boston Sept 11 1826
Friend McQuesten

After an absence of 6 or 8 weeks I think how much I would give to have few words with my acquaintances; some familiar guests not in the Hamiltonian system, or aging phantoms of pageantry lush walkers. But a few short walks & good natured conversations with yourself. Friend left butchered & all those who do not think me to vile for association. By Holy I hear they are trying every way to save my poor body of mind to the bush gratefully the wifer [sic] cal the file if he can to me. I have heard [?] if they grovel. Well when they become a stench as to be called [?]. All heave them after [??] lent them mine till I am penition of distribution over takes my kind. -Be kind to the poor [?] the needy be not in hand.

In handing this composition down to you. Permit me to review some proceeding methinks the term of critics, for you know I hate one without common decency or gratitude, of the last term; & tho I shall deal not in motives or malignity; May I not speak the truth, tho it savours of calming of slander. Yes in speaking of the actions of others I shall not mifs [sic] the shadow over mine line by your sober reflections I have kept in candid review the action & understanding of us. I must say that taking the canded as they come effected being pushed forward by such undermining sensualities of some body and when I saw would come of what had there been intentions might have been amis still further the [?] would have bee double doubtful & more daring. While on the one hand [?] & disturbances wanted to be redrefsed [sic] those who petitioned for them to the fountain head, said they should be forth with coming. While to the others equally malignant, & strenuous & going directly stated their grievances & was told they were all settled while the other party knew that they had received nothing of satisfaction where burning & burning to see them get so much of the stark of this majestic world to bear the palour alone, that, reached so high as they were certainly I thought something must come that would carry it further on or as suddenly die away, but had it not been for the examination or its coming so soon, we may judge the walk, that either bruises or tapers [?] have been sent amongst us to search the skins & take a little of our [?] wisdom away, or purify some of the dogmatic [?] since of one of the opposite party, as you knew there was but half while we might have wheeled the other off in an [?] expedition [?] Hasten word, or put them on a piece of past-beard with a quil for a sudden, set him adrift down the Merrimack to cacth Tom [?]- Or teach some that beg- Salmon [?]-

Then you know if they should come back again, t'would have been very easy to have waited then taild. Bathaus of the place & then on the corner of some wall where they might stand- As a caravansary of living Animals. While you mess off could have him put under the guidance of Thafs [sic] Co for so turned mischievous actions in open rebellion & quickly with Bob Hacker or if they should have given me the mitten that would have been enough to have sent me and of the town to you would have got was for. And by sending the other down east on a shingle of the Third you might sent to the caravansary of living animals to learn some of their most attractive monkeys to [?] hundred or play a [?] to the edification or amusement of the quadriped tribe expected to the female first. Forgive me for indulging in this whimsical mind to you too to whom, I had eagle to [?] that modesty yet freedom of which I now addrefs [sic] this- wanton [?] in a tribe of thoughts that I am afraid to much charactude the written. [???] Don't let that suma-qua-non of good or Romantic nature of critic get hold of this latin, if he does, he will spare me no more than he would that had crippled poor erring Orator, Statesman, Scholar, Politician, Cicero, for such as he mocks inventors, yes forgive this letter & hid [sic] its blushing deformities by an [?] them as you have lead it, that others got deeming my good world my dream has as I have done. Don't think it, But then it has [?] rather to write thus to give in him some pleasure I am sorry to say it. Yet I will overlook this, forgive him & ask Tufts beckon to help me fill at has that to him.

If you is not to be found of it be written eight weeks I will send it to you, you sermond I don't. I'll review that was of the wayward if he is not there an cannot get them it would please me if you accept them with your humble soul. Best acknowledge out of respect & write us a good long letter with my respects to all acquaintances. Tufts & Batchelder- Tell me if you please I read his letter the day I wrote him. Your G. Benton has gone East, has been gone for 8 days & will be gone sometime longer. [?] fact for Rev. Daniel Sharb, who attended the dominant [?] that the actual [?] White washed, the presidents house, whole clothes look to going to the college finding him about going to ride, tackled two over in his church tandem, then clan out- That cafs [sic] Bradsford [the rest is illegible].

[Address on Envelope]
To: Mr. Calvin McQuesten
Bradford Academy, Mafs [sic]

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