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W0050 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Abigail Kimball.
Mar 10 1827
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Stoneham Massachusetts
From: Abigail Kimball Bradford Massachusetts

Bradford, March 10 1827

I received your letter Mr. McQuesten soon after date and perused it with much satisfaction. I blush when I consider how long I have delayed answering it, but as there had not anything of my consequence occured when I received yours since you left us, I thought I would delay, & have delayed too long I confefs, [sic] therefore pardon me my friend.

Betsey Payson, whom you inquired after, was resting beneath the silent sods before the reception of your letter. She died Nov. 28, the day before our Thanksgiving (at sunrise) her trembling, fearful soul, took an unexpected flight to those regions where you and I are so rapidly hastening; destitute we have reason to fear of the Christian's hope, and destitute of an interest in the atoning, pardoning, sanctifying blood of Christ! That this might be made a blessing to many and serve to awaken us to attend to the one thing needful, with that correctness, which the importance of the subject demands. Father was able to attend her funeral, and has not rode out since, not thinking it prudent to venture into the snow; has kept his room altogether but has enjoyed an unexpected degree of health. I don't know but as good as in the summer though he has no exercise besides walking across his room. He was very glad to hear from you & wishes to be remembered to you. I think of no death of any person you have knowledge of except Mr. Allins whose funeral [?] were attended yesterday. He was carried into the meeting house which was clad in black, where a sermon was preached by the Dr. Eaton from Rev. 33 only in part of the serve. The sermon & other performances were solemn.

There has been an ordination in Havenhill, W.N. that most divided place of my nativity. [??] other in Kingston N.H. The man settled was Mr. Pearson, who will probably soon be connected with sister C. Kimball (you need [??] must marry). He was ordained this week. I received this afternoon a piece of wedding cake from Mr. Pratt, who is boarding with us & who has worked with Mr. John Sawyer who was married to a sister of his former housekeeper. You are aware that Mr. Pratt has taught a school in [?] this winter. Mr. P. desires to be remembered to you, & with a smile, thanks you for all the letters he has received from you this winter. Says he has had a very pleasant school & had no difficulty.

What has been you [sic] prosperity in teaching? Can you yet say you have had no difficulty? If your work has not taken your patience before this I think you must have a wonderful share.

The academy is yet in a flourishing state. The [?] was never greater then it has been this winter. Mr. Pratt instructs instants in writing. We have 3 boarders & C. Jacob Bachelder called on us this week, was on his way to college with his father. He has a sister at the Academy whom you have seen. I received a letter from Hamilton last week. He was at Bucksfort, had been there a number of weeks during vacation at the college, but was preparing to leave for Brunswick the next day. He has spent his time while at home in pleasure as he calls it, in visiting sleighriding parties &c. He wrote he did not offer himself for examination but entered college Decem. 10 on the same standing with others after studying closely a week, & that he learnt more in that time then he had in five months at Bradford. But the idea of five years confinement in college on a dry rich pine plane without any variety of landscape is most dreadful &c. &c.

Lucretia says give my love to Mr. McQuesten. Tell him I am a good girl, can say all the abreviations, stops & marks & figures & can read very well in the newspapers, bible &c. Tell him I want to see him very much. She cannot promise you she would again sit in your lap for she is about done with such habits. She has grown rapidly this winter; will soon be in lounge as her mother.

Hannah wishes to be remembered, she is very well as the rest of the family. Tell him says she there is a revival commenced in Armstrong & in towns all around us but giving but stupidity here. Let us see you soon as you can, & hear from you the first opportunity. So excuse my numerous errors, as have written in haste surrounded by a roomful all talking. Be careful to let no eyes see this but yours.

Abigail Kimball

[Address on Envelope]
West Bradford, Ms.
March 12

Mr. Calvin McQuesten
Stoneham, Mafs [sic]

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