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W0068 TO [DR.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from niece Eliza McQuesten
Jun 27 1829
To: [Dr.] Calvin McQuesten Washington, New Hampshire
From: Bradford Academy

Beloved Uncle,

It would be ingratitude of the basest kind, for me to neglect answering your kind letter, which afforded me so much pleasure, if by this means I could at all interest you. Although of this I expect to fail, yet I am resolved to try. I suppose you are so well acquainted with the peculiar beauties of this place, natural as well as civil, these elegant mansions around this seminary etc. that I cannot add to your knowledge by describing them.

I must of course occupy the time, devoted to Uncle C. in conversing upon my school, and studies; and I do not know, as I could select a better theme for conversation. I have been attending to Woodbridge's history of the U. States this term. I think it quite an interesting study. In my yesterday's lesson, I had an account of Indian cruelty in their captive, and treatment, to the family of Mr. Dustan in Haverbell[?]. This I considered quite interesting particularly the conduct of Mr. Dustan as I saw him defending his little group of children from the Indians, who have taken captive his wife, and infant child.

I certainly would not forget to mention, that I am attending to arithmetic: Colburns mental arithmetics and Colburns sequel. You spoke in your letter of my beloved Mr. Colburn. He is indeed a favourite author and I respect him on your account.

I think it very strange that I have not received a letter from Bedford, this term, except for the one you wrote. I cannot think of any news that I think will interest you. The school has about the same number of scholars it usually has on nearly the same branches that are attended to that were studied last term. Give my sincere love to Uncle David and aunt whom I never saw yet love and respect her on uncle's account, whom though I have seen, it is so long since, that I do not recollect his looks at all.

Your niece, Eliza McQuesten

P.S. Please do tell Uncle D. [David] that a letter from him would give me much pleasure.

1 Dr. Calvin McQuesten's niece, Eliza (1814-1909), is now 15 yrs, of age. She is not to be confused with Calvin's sister Eliza (1799-1877). This Eliza is the daughter of Calvin's eldest brother William (1787-1818) and his wife, Clarissa ( nee Gove) McQuesten.

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