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W0071 TO [DR.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from a friend M. P. C.
Jan 19 1830
To: [Dr.] Calvin McQuesten Derry, New Hampshire
From: Stoneham, Massachusetts

Friend McQuesten,

Your epistle of the 18th inst. was duly rec'd and was perused with much pleasure by your friend. This is the season when good wishes are passing from mouth to mouth & permit me my friend to add one more to the number by wishing you a "Happy New Year." I have but a moment at my disposal, at this time, ergo--shall not be very long nor shall I be able to communicate much news. Our private school has closed & I am now reviewing & trying to prepare for the dreadful--nay unwished--for scene. I often have my mind filled with a thousand hopes & fears--on account of the scrape that Wendall got into Boston--we were prevented from obtaining any Merchandise for our use--so that our private class will have to dissect next term--we had letters from Dr. Wells, he is well & will be here in due season [?] also Dr. D. Linklater--I hope he will have his address written.

I know not how it is in your quarter but Temperate Societies (Total Abstinence) is all the rage in Maine & other states--our physicians have had a general meeting of Physicians to do something. Lyceums are now establishing in most of our towns & fine things they are--It is for the improvement of all classes.

Immediately after I read your letter I called on Mrs. Jones--she says you may depend on that room and if I do not hear to the contrary from you, I will engage your board at the commencement of the term in the Commons--I will expect that it will be so popular--that as many (50 to 60) as can be accommodated will apply for board--I also can tell you about J. Mitchell--that name of J. Mitchell in Freshman Class--is cousin to the Dr.--Dr. Jacob Mitchell is now studying medicine with a physician (Chadburn, I believe) in Concord N.H. & will be here in the Spring--so you see that you are all armed & equipped, as the law directs tho' you thought that you were all afloat--I must say that I do not in the least envy your employment or happiness as a pedagogue as to that subject, my motto is touch not, taste not, handle not--I obtained quantus suficit in one winter.

We have settled Mr. Adams & he is a charming--lovely man--amiable--easy in conversation & on all subjects fluent--in fine the opposite extreme of his predecessor--I rec'd a letter form Bailey last eve--he is vegetating in his school & as large as life--Is not Dr. Boyd settled in Londonderry--how does he prosper? Remember me most affectionately to the Dr.--How are you pleased with your school and the people--are you much acquainted in Derry? I have quite a number of cousins there--Mary--John Cogswell & others of that family, are you acquainted with them?--if so give my love to them all.

Nothing very new here--we have had an uncommon mild Summer-like Winter--like the south--quite uncomfortable in the sun--we have had a few falls of snow but all terminated in rain--On Saturday the 9th in the eve we had some snow & on Sunday a little rain so as to moisten and then freeze & now we have fine sleighing. The thermometer had not until Sunday the 10th been down to zero--it then went as low--10 below Zero & now we have what is truly called a winter.

Our Legislature are so nearly divided that they can do nothing & I see no prospects of their doing anything. Oh this Jacksonism! it is going to be the death blow to this our Free Government--yes these office seeking men will ruin it & themselves--I see no hopes--feel no encouragement--It makes me mad to think & I trust you have but little of the rough [?] where you are-----.

Ellis is flourishing at Boston--Dr. Adams is doing well at Newfield Me. he writes me he has had to fight 122 Quacks with his & pills and cathartics, has at length gained the victory & his antagonists have retreated & left him quietly in possession of the field & expects to be troubled no more--he is just the man for such an encounter-.

Dodge has been here since the last Spring teaching the Female Academy--he succeeds finely--he wishes to be remembered--Several other Medical students are here & will be here in the Spring--our prospects are very good--Mr. alias (Captain) Lair Gould who has been here ever since Spring & one of the class has gone home on vacation--he will put this letter into the office at Haverill--Hope you will bring some from you quarter with you.

The Adams party have at last played a fine joke upon the Jackson Senate & put in the most insignificant--illiterate of the whole Senate. Joshua Hall a Methodist Minister & ignorant of all parliamentary rules & so poor. Bob Dunlop feels quite mortified to see such a man at the head & Governor position when he has been strictly and expertly to be the Gov. & now we have a majority in both houses--they have already spent 8 & 9000 dollars & done nothing but fight.

Adieu from your sincere friend, &c., M.P.C.1

1 [note on envelope]: "Dr. Leir Gould." This note on the envelope refers to the person who has been entrusted to deliver the letter in person. The envelope wrapper is addressed to Mr. Calvin McQuesten, Student in Medicine, Derry, New Hampshire.

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