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W0084 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from an unknown sender.
Sep 23 1829
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Sandbornton New Hampshire
From: Brunswick Maine

Brunswick, Sept 23'd 1830
Brother Dr.-

I know of no way in which I can employ the few leisure moments I now have more pleasantly than in writing a few lines to my best friend Calvin. I am glad to hear that you have been so mindful in obtaining a place to lay your head in & the next thing I expect to hear is that the Dr. has two support instead of one. I wish you succefs [sic]1 in the [???] next monumentus affair.

I will serve with the Court--we had fine weather & a large number of strangers, especially of the quiet sort of the withdrawn. I saw one who in my view [?] the rest the remainder is my story. I leave to you to infer the conclusion--We had splendid music the whole [?] Brother Brigade Band--about 20 in number. I will send you our paper which contains the list of degrees. I should like to have you insert it in some of your papers.

We have met with a sure lofs [sic] in the death of our beloved Dr. Wells. I was with him during all his sicknefs [sic] & went up to Boston with him. I was up with him every few nights and was one of the last watchers and at his request [?] with it his examination--our [?] of the examination was in the Boston Med-Emerg. room. It may be said in truth that this beloved man sacrificed his life to his profefsion [sic]--I never saw a man more patient or resigned--it was an almost insupportable lofs [sic] to Our family & his friends, it will be an irreparable lofs [sic] to this school.

The faculty will choose a lecturer next week, again with an account in the papers. Dr. McKeen gave a fine Eulogy on his death in the [?] the day before Court- & sold a crowded house. How fortunate [??] was in [?] at Baltimore. Dr. Wells recommended him before his decease--that is exactly the gratitude for [?].

I cannot realise that I am never to see Dr. W. again--it is a [?] thought--in truth it may be said of Dr. W that a great man has fallen.

Perhaps you would like to know how I was getting along in the profefsional [sic] way--I cannot give much of an answer--I have been at home since Court--waiting for answer to letters--I have rec'd one or two invitations to go and settle in Prescot County. I leave middle of next week for the Eastward--to look about and see how I am pleased. It is the best farming town in the state & increasing fast--I shall return in a week or so & if I go after I have been back a week or so shall go down and give it a try--If you know of any place I would be much obliged to you if you would send me a line directed to Brunswick--so there my opening at Derry N.D. or do you know of any old Dr. who wants a partner. For if I do not go East I want to know which way to start next. I think if I do settle East it will be in Garland or Exeter about 12 mls. or so above Banger. I had a pleasant time in Boston & plenty to do but since I am idle and riding about I have bought a beautiful large gray colt 4 years--it will be one hundred & forty or fifty horses. Mitchell was here & examined--he is settled at [lying?]--Dr. McLellan has left them & gone to Portland to practice & open an Apothecary's shop. Putman is here he wants to settle in Maine as he is engaged to Mifs [sic] Frost of Durham. There is nothing new here except that the people are having a little more public spirit--they have painted the meeting house & put up 15 new splendid exquisite lamps and the boards house have new shingles & I [?] our house & put up a balustrade and painted it white &c &c--So you see if businefs [sic] is no better they are [?] the outside from decay.

I must close now as I am under the necefsity [sic] of going out--Bailey is doing well in [?] (outsider County) N. York--I [?] Mitton has gone into Mr. Dennis's office at Ellesworth to Study Law! What great things they have been doing in France--inside wake [??]! What disgrace Maine has brought upon herself by her going the whole hog this year for old Hickery brown stick--never mind let them [?] themselves to death that will be soon & then we will [?] a new ship--if & will have [?] a splinter of Hickory wood in it--I hope you will not forget me but let me hear from you--Remember me to all who misses me &c.--& feel sure to day as I was riding on Military parade yesterday--I did not leave many [?] &c.--to set. Believe me to be your friend & the same old--I sent your diploma last week to the care of Dr. G.B. Donnis No.103 Court St. Boston--whenever you hear of any of our Clafs [sic] or any of our Med. Grad settling in any place be so good as to mention it in your letters--so I may inform my father as he keeps a book wih all Med. Graduates & records their places of residence in it--Do excuse this scrawl for you know not how fast it was written--I want to hear from you & have an account of your parties & succefs [sic] & a description of your term & what kind of people are they good--bad or indifferent--civilized or [?] again the Dr.

[Address on Envelope]
To Calvin McQuesten M.D.

N.B. Cannot stop to read it over! Errors Excepted-

1 Note the use throughout of the archaic "fs" for "ss."

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