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W0112 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Adams W. Platt
Jan 10 1834
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, [Brockport, New York]
From: West Fayette, Seneca C., NY

Dear Friends

Having removed so near to you, I must delay no longer in informing you of the circumstance. Besides, I think I engaged to do so if I concluded to come on west. After leaving you I came to this place and spent the following sabbath and then proceeded immediately home. I soon after received an invitation to return; but the offer not being very encouraging, I refused to accept it. The Society however being induced to make renewed exertions finally persuaded us to return. We reached here about the first of Dec. since which we have been very much occupied in getting things arranged and informing new acquaintances &c. The people appear to be kind and desirous to make us comfortable. The state of religion has been for a long time low, indeed it never has been very prosperous since the church has been established owing to a variety of causes, frequent changes of ministers &c. The church however has not been organised [sic] many years.

We feel somewhat encouraged from present appearances. I hope there is more union, more furour [sic] in prayer, more of the spirit of Jesus Christ, than has generally been manifest here. Some trembling anxiety among impenitent sinners. On the whole we are encouraged to hope that God may be pleased to prosper [sic] the word and afford us a happy refreshing [sic].

We left one of our little ones at my Fathers [sic] [We Heard??] from them a few days since by a letter from Dr. Preston, all well. The Dr. and Margaret are now on a journey to the Black river.

I have thought much of you and of the state of your Society since I parted from you.--feel anxious to hear how your wives [sic] health is this winter, Whether you have a good minister there yet and who it is? I have rather supposed that Mr. Seymour did not conclude to come, although I have no certain information, I should like much to hear particularly how things go there on all sides.

Can you not get loose long enough to bring your wife out and see us. It is true sleighing not very good just here, but have heard it was good after going about 7 or 8 miles on the way towards you.

We for the present are obliged to stay home--I was obliged to leave my horse and bricks in Galway and come on with my family on the Canal--so that we are now stationary. And are likely to be so I know not how long--

We should be very happy indeed to see you do come [if] you can. We heard from Hughs a letter before we left Galway, but presume you have much later inteligence [sic]. We were informed that they were expecting to leave their present place, and perhaps come to this state next summer. We are anxious of course to hear further.

As I have a call to go out and visit a sick person, I must close and drop this in the post office by the way. If peradventure you can come to Geneva, pafs [sic] around on the East side of the Seneca Lake and follow it down about 5 miles--We live 1 1/2 miles from the lake and 7 miles from Geneva.

Mrs. Platt joins in love [for??] Mrs. McQuesten.

Yours Effectionately [sic]

Adams W. Platt

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