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W0122 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Adams W. Platt
Mar 18 1836
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, Monroe County, New York
From: West Fayette

Dear Friends,

We should have written to you some time since had we not expected ere this to have visited you in person. Mrs. Platt & myself have been on the point of starting a number of times, during the winter, but the unusually heavy snows and blows, have prevented--and now the season for sleighing has passed (although there is an abundance of snow here;) especially with you if I am correctly informed. Sister Louisa has written to us since her return home. We shall not so much regret being passed by if they succeed in moving to this state. They would have found us still in Fayette. It is true we threatened to leave him last fall. But it was so late in the fall, before the term of my engagement closed with the people here, that it was found inconvenient to change locations. We think of leaving here this spring if a suitable opening is presented.

We never calculated upon making this a place of permanent residence. From particular circumstances it seemed to be duty to come here; and endeavour to build up this feeble church. The country here is rich and beautiful but "the people" are a motley mixture of various nations--However the greater part by far are Dutch: High and low Dutch. To bring about a peaceful and happy state of society seems impossible at least for some time to come. They are ignorant and what is a usual concomitant, extremely jealous and suspicious. We have managed to get along with them in peace, but we have to be under constant restraint and are not in a convenient situation for educating our children etc.

Now one object we had in view in visiting you, was to make some inquiring how far the churches are supplied in that region--You may have some personal acquaintances with the churches about and perhaps may learn something from your pastor etc. I think of passing out through there as soon as the traveling becomes better. If you would take the trouble to make a little inquiry and would drop me a line, you would codger a favour. I should prefer not to be located among Dutch or Scotch--I have tired them to my full satisfaction. They need their own nation for religion teachers.

I ought also to mention perhaps that it would not answer for me to undertake to labour in a place where the Hours of worship is large and difficult to speak in. I have a weakness of lungs, that would forbid my entering such a society. I am under the necessity of being somewhat cautious in that respect.

I should like to hear from you in respect to Hugh, whether he has come to a conclusion etc. etc. My wife is away from home at present or she would be likely to make some addition to this letter. But as I have an opportunity of sending this to the office I will not delay--My family are all in good health.

Yours Effect. [sic]

Adams W. Platt

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