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W0137 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her husband, Dr. Calvin McQuesten
Jun 14 1839
To: Hopkinton, New Hampshire,
From: Brockport, New York,

My dear wife,

I thought if I would pay the postage you could afford to read a letter from me once a week. I have not been very lonely since you left for I have not had much time to myself but I would like to see my boy not to say anything about his mother. I have now come to the conclusion that I shall go for you when you get your visit made if no unforseen thing should prevent.

I have now got through with one matter that I could not have safely left at the time you expected to return that is the Jones suit.

I recovered judgement against them for the cost of the suit but you know that is good for nothing. My council paid no attention to Ed. testimony at all for they thought it was easy enough to beat without and that was all I wanted.1

I have been to Rochester twice this week and shall have to go next week as a witness on the Jackson and Brooks case so you see my dear I am courting some but there is not much firm in it. I still remain in our old room. Every thing passes along quite pleasant yet your presence with that of our dear little one would add much to my comfort. I hope Calvin will not forget that he has a father but if he does I know I can soon gain his affection again. I feel anxious about you and more particularly on account of your health as neither of you were very well when you wrote last. I shall write a receipt on the next page which I meant to have sent by you but I forgot it. You will sign it and send it or rather hand it to Mr. McAllister. My love to all my friends and give Calvin one kiss for his father.

Yours affectionately
C. McQuesten

1 Edward Lerned, Dr. McQuesten's brother-in-law, had testified against Dr. McQuesten in a defamation suit launched by a Mrs. Jones [or possibly Mrs. Janes]. Edward's guardian, Mr. Dustin, had also threatened Dr. McQuesten with a law suit concerning wages Edward claimed he had not received for working at the pharmacy of Budlong & McQuesten. See W-MCP4-6.233 for more details about Edward's troublesome involvement with the McQuestens.

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