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[written at top of page]: if you write immediately you may direct your next one to Canada.

Dr. Calvin McQuesten, father of Calvin Brooks and Isaac McQuesten (1801-1885)W0140 TO MRS. DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN [MARGARETTE B. LERNED] from her husband, Dr. Calvin McQuesten
Jul 4 1839
To: Mrs. Dr. Calvin McQuesten (Margarette B. Lerned) Concord, New Hampshire,
From: Brockport, New York,

Dear Margarette,

I received your's [sic]in due time and felt that I could almost participate with you, your enjoyment in visiting your friends, yet I think the reality would satisfy better than anticipation. I must not spend much time in expression of feelings for you wished me to write about the folks here. Charlotte has been quite well has grown fleshy began last week to go alone. Mrs. Brewster's health pretty good. Mrs. Budlong at about the time you left began to grow dropsical which has continued bad to the present time and will probably destroy her. She had a little Daughter about one week since which is still living. Had a very easy time and the effects of her confinement the least I ever saw in any case but I think her dropsy will prove fatal. She speaks of you with a great deal of kindness.

She thinks she will not live longer than two or three days. Has made me a little present as a token of remembrance. Wishes you to keep the belt she gave you. Says she feels resigned and hopes she will have patience to wait God appointed time--My own health is good have not had a turn of sick head ache since you left only a few slight symptoms of it.

I shall now commence of some business which you must get the Mag. [Magistrate] to assist you in doing. You will see that the paper enclosed is an assignment of my share of the profits of the Drug Shop. To satisfy Mr. Budlong the paper was drawn by a lawyer and so fixed that if there should any difficulty arise in the settlement it can be settled by a reference rather than a law suit. As the business was done by Edward [Lerned]1 and Mr. Budlong I presume they will have no difficulty in settling.

I have taken no active part in the business from the beginning to the end and further that by way of advice or a little over sight. Every thing has remained in Mr. Budlong hands since Ed. left. This arrangement I expect will be in every respect satisfactory to Edward and Mr. Dustin and all his friends. It is all he ever asked and I am willing now the debts are mostly paid that he should have it. But I was not willing to make such an assignment while the firm owed $800 or $1,000. While I am holden to pay debts I want to have the power of controlling that which ought to pay them.

If they accept the proposal you must make an exact copy of the paper enclosed in the same form with the Guarantee on the back signed by Mr. Dustin and Ed sign the agreement the one for Ed. & Mr. Dustin, the other for Mr. Budlong and then Mr. Dustin must give me a receipt or rather sign the one I write at the bottom of this page.

Then if you get this matter settled enquire of Mr. Dustin if Noyes gave him a copy of any account for Ed. Expenses with Credit for money received and if so enquire if it is satisfactory and if they are satisfied settle with him for the whole but settle each separate. If Mr. Dustin is not satisfied ask him if he wants me to draw of a bill and swear to it and forward it to him or ask him what he does want me to do.

I would like very much to have an amicable settlement with Mr. Dustin so that all concerned will feel satisfied and if they do not accept I want to know what their feelings are. Keep this letter in your own possession. Let them get no acknowledgment from me unless they settle. You must not attempt to do this business yourself.

[Calvin McQuesten]
[Bottom of page missing. It was likely the receipt that Dr. Calvin McQuesten mentioned in this letter. Also missing is the "assignment of share of profits" that Dr. Calvin sent with his wife].

1 Dr. McQuesten had been involved in a lawsuit with a Mrs. Janes in which his brother-in-law, Edward Lerned, served as a witness. Edward and his guardian, Mr. Dustin, had also been threatening to launch a lawsuit against Dr. McQuesten concerning wages Edward claimed he was not paid for working at the pharmacy of Budlong and McQuesten. For more links and details, see W-MCP4-6.233.

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