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W0156 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother Dr. David McQuesten
Apr 12 1844
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Brockport, New York
From: Washington, New Hampshire

Dear Brothers,

Had I not lost your line which I received something like two or three years since I would answer it. I have been so long absent from friends and connections and so much engaged in business that I think but little about any of them, yet now and then the thought recurs to my mind how is Calvin doing in the great western world. I believe I have not heard one word from you since you went home concluded that you were well and pleasantly situated. We have not anything here very interesting our jeering national contest still moves on, our granite hills are still firm, for Jacksons or Dan. Governor Healy is not yet elected to his long wished for chance and I firmly believe he never will be until he renounces masonry----

We move on here as much as usual. Brussard has gone to Ohio, Brantwell has sold to Tom Lowes. Oliver Greenleaf keeps where his father did. My business here is as good as usual my routes are more extensive. I have as much to do as I could wish and often times more. I am almost wearied climbing over hills and snowdrifts. I have rode in my gig about one week and the drifts in many places are 3 or 4 feet. My Brothren Wright and Angien have both left me and I am left alone.

I have had not very uncommon cases since I saw you, one case of Fungus Hamatoda in the bowels the tumor filled the whole cavity of the bowels weight about 9 pounds, child about 5 years old, about the time you wrote me the small pox made its appearance in Lempsten at Asa Spaldings 2 of the family were attacked with it. I attended them until the eruptions came out many had been exposed and but few had had the kine pox.

I had never had either. H. Spalding and one son died. There were 11 cases, old Doct. Abels visited them two or three times and made some sport on account of my fears to attend this disease. He had the kine pox about 30 years since and felt safe but took the disease and had a fine run but not hard.

We are all well and have been since you were here. It is cold weather here the thermometer stood at 14 degrees this morning. Our folks at Bedford were well the last I heard from them.

I would write more but it is past 12 at night and I have drove hard this week and am half a sleep. I think of sending this line by Doct. Hatch he says he should like to call on you. Mrs. Mc. Juliet, Lucretia, Luci, Miny, Belle, and John1 wish me to bear them a kind and respectful remembrance to you and Mrs. M.

Yours Affectionately

D. McQuesten2

[P.S.] Let us hear from you. John Welman is here and wishes to find a good place to establish himself if any in your vicinity write.

1 The names here indicate that these are some of Dr. David McQuesten's eleven children (The McQuiston McCuiston and McQuesten Families 1620-1937, by Leona Bean McQuiston). Minnes notes that Washington, N. H. was the location of the practice of Dr. Calvin McQuesten's older brother David. It is not certain if Dr. Calvin spent some practice time under the direction of his brother, in 1828 and 1829.

2 Although the signature on the letter appears to be "B." McQuesten, we know from the context that it must be a "D." for David McQuesten, Dr. Calvin McQuesten's brother, who was also a medical doctor.

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