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W0160 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his business partner A. Budlong
Nov 15 1844
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Hamilton, W. Canada
From: Brockport, New York

Dear Friend,

I have a few leisure moments and I thought that I would improve them in writing to my best friend my wife is very sick again and has been for about 7 or 8 weeks.1 My health has not been very good for four or five months past my wife being sick so much that it keeps me so confined that I cannot do any kind of business to advantage and most of the time I cannot do anything. I am heartily glad to hear that you are prospering in business and hope that prosperity may continue to be with you.

Doctor Elliot stopped here as he went home and fetched the eight sovereigns ($38.66) which you sent I took up his note which was $37.29. I do not know but you might feel that I had not done right in not taking that up before I had paid him $16. on it before it being most of what I have ever collected on those matters. I have not got anything on the Cushing matter yet and I don't know as I ever shall. I have spent considerable time and some money to get it secured. I hope I may now collect it.

I should have sent you a note for the money that you sent me last spring2 but have neglected till now the amount of that now is $106.48 and the amount of moneys collected in my hands of yours is $32.18 and the money you sent by Elliot $38.00 amounting in all to $177.43 of which I send you my note in this sheet.

I have collected on your account $438.16 and have paid out $406.09 which leaves a balance of $32.29 which I have put in the note the amount paid are as follows:

To D. Burroughs
" Judge Gardner
" F.W. Brewster
" G. Belden
" J. Bronson
" J. True
" Wm. Barry

$ 6.75
Carried to the $302.30 next column

Brought forward
To lumber & for boxes
To Roxana Gibbs
" Jacob Sulphin
" D.D. Shaw
" J. Fuller
" C. Minot
" Seymour & Lathrop


This includes $174.20 that you sent me at different times. Thus I have explained as near as I can the whole business. I send you a note of the whole as you will see according to the statement on the other side of the leaf knowing that you will do what is right. I should be extremely glad to see you my wife says that she wants to see you more than any other person that she knows of she sends her love to you & yours although I never saw your wife. My best respects to her and your little boy and yourself. A. Budlong

in haste

P.S. I did not put on bearer into for fear that it might miscary [sic].

1 Some punctuation is lacking in the original.

2 See W0155.

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