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Aug 19 1845
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Hamilton Ontario
From: P.B. Hill Milwaukee Wisconsin Territory

Milwaukee Wisconsin Territory
August 19th 1845
Dr. C. McQuesten
Dr Sir

A short time since Mr J.A. Satta was at our place and through him we learned that you still continued as Hamilton in the Furnace businefs [sic] and that you have accumulated a handsome property we had also learned previous of the death of your wife which went I presume was not unexpected by you as her health had been poor for so long a time, it afforded me much pleasure to hear from you even by a second person I shall even cherish the remembrance of the friendship that existed between us when we were neighbours, and shall ever feel grateful for the kindefs [sic] manifested by you to myself and family, since we parted. I have pafsed [sic] through trials and difficulties that I should not have supposed it pofsible [sic] for me to have endured but my life has been spared and my health as well as that of my family has been good for the greater part of the time.

By my connections with Joseph V Drake in businefs [sic] I took what property I had still. I never felt disposed to attach blame to them it was at a time when men of this temperament were no more capable of doing businefs [sic] than a man would be now who was insane. Luke died with a fever five years ago last July his widow is now living at Port Madison in Iowa Territory where Joseph lives she has three fine boys and is in comfortable cicumstances- Three years ago last spring I removed to this place, poor of course, and have been employed a part of the time in the Sheriff businefs [sic]. I think should it be my fortune to get into businefs [sic] again my past experience would be a benefit to me. I have always regretted leaving Brockport and have wished that instead of going west I had gone with you to Hamilton but as what has pafsed [sic] cannot now be helped. I must shape my course so as to avoid the rocks for the future. My wife & I have talked the matter over and have come to the conclusion that you must come to Milwaukee this fall and make us a visit, the time from Buffalo will be only four or five days and I can afsure [sic] you if you have any earthly friends that we shall claim to be first on the list, the pleasure it would afford us to see you and take you by the hand once more I cannot describe but must leave for you to imagine, through all the vicifsitudes [sic] which we have pafsed [sic] in counting over our former friends we have always taken the liberty to reckon you among the first- Milwaukee is 90 miles north of Chicago and pofsesses [sic] all the natural advantages that could be required for a commercial & manufacturing town; its population at present will not fall much short if ten thousand it is building up rapidly and seriously one of the activity that prevailed east 35 & 36- It is settled with Eastern people mostly, the town of Le Roy has furnished 40 settlers here. Wilkie was here this season and [?] the place Satta was well pleased with it and finally every one who visits here gets a very favourable imprefsion [sic].

If you are so situated that you cannot come this fall will you have the goodnefs [sic] to write me and if I do not receive a letter from you in due time we shall flatter ourselves that you will come and see us.

With much respect
I am Yours &c

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