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W0198 INDENTURE OF LEASE: Between G. Worthington, J. Miller and J.E. Thomson.
Oct 1 1858
From: Hamilton Ontario

Indenture of Lease,
Worthington & als
John Riddell

Gentry & Brown,
Booksellers, Stationers and Bookbinders,
James St. Hamilton.

This Indenture, Made (under and in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature of the Province of Canada, entitled "An Act to facilitate the Leasing of Lands and Tenements,") the first day of October in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight. By and Between George Worthington, James Miller, James E. Thomson, of Indenture of the Estate of the late Thomas Davidson, in the County of [blank] hereafter mentioned and referred to as the LESSORS of the one part; and John Riddell of the City of Hamilton, Canada hereinafter mentioned and referred to as the LESSEE, of the other part;

Witnesseth, That in consideration of the rents, covenants and provinces, hereinafter mentioned and contained, on the part of the LESSEE, his executors, administrators, and assigns, to be observed, performed, fulfilled, and kept, he that said LESSORS, are granted, demised, and leased, and by these presents doth grant, demise and lease, unto the said LESSEE, his executors, administrators, and assigns, all that certain parcel of the Land and premises, situate and being in the City of Hamilton in the County of Wentworth and Province aforesaid, being composed of the two shops East of the bar-room of the Royal Hotel in Hamilton Aforesaid.

To have and to hold the same, and every part thereof, together with all the privileges and appurtenances hereunto belonging, or therewith heretofore used and enjoyed, unto, and to the use of the said LESSEE, his executors, administrators, and assigns, for and during, and unto the full end, and Term of Eleven months said term to commence and be calculated from the [??] and fully to be completed and ended: Yielding and Paying therefore the clear rent or sum of rents down funds for the said Eleven months payable in the manner following, that is to say: the sum of [???].

This Indenture further Witnesseth, That the said LESSEE covenants with the said LESSORS to pay rent, and to repair, and to keep up fences, and not to cut down timber, and that the said LESSORS may enter and view state of repair, and that the said LESSEE will repair according to notice; and will not assign or sublet without leave, and that he will leave the premises in good repair, Proviso for re-entry by the said LESSORS on non-payment of rent, or non-performance of covenants. The said LESSORS covenant with the said LESSEE for quite enjoyment.

In Witness Thereof the parties to the presents, have hereunto set their Hands and Seals, the day and year first above written.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered in presence of

1 Dr. Calvin McQuesten may have owned the Royal Hotel in Hamilton, that may be the reason for these and following documents being in the McQuesten files. Or he may have held the mortgage, or he may have done the repairs through his foundry.

See letters about Dr. Calvin McQuesten and Royal Hotel, lease, repairs, mortgage, dividends and Isaac's debts: W0198, 1858; W0310, 1859; W0262, 1859; W0206, 1859, W0308, 1859; W0309, 1859; 0305, 1859; W0306, W0307, W0308, W0262, W-MCP5-6.350; Box 03-226, Box 03-337; W0337. Box 14-111.

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