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Words that are italicized represent those that were handwritten onto a typed form.

Mar 1 1859
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten Hamilton Ontario
From: Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton, 1st March 1859

Five [?] months after date for value received I promise to pay Thomas Rae Esq. or Order at [???] the Sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars 0/100 No 19 Due 4th July

John Riddell [Signature]

Thomas Rae
McQuesten C.
11th Decem [sic] 1860, By cash four dollars
26th Sept., 1861, By Cash Sixteen dollars
23 Oct. 1861, By Cash four dollars
9th Dec 1861, By cash one dollar
19th Nov., 1862, By cash fifty cents

The Notices, in the within Protest mentioned, were respectively mailed on the 4th day of July A.D. 1859 [Signature]

On this fourth day of July in the year of your Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine at the request of THE PRESIDENT, DIRECTORS, AND COMPANY OF THE GORE BANK, holders of the Promissory Note hereunto annexed, I, James Richard Thomson, a Notary Public for Upper Canada, by royal authority duly appointed, did exhibit the said Note unto a Clerk as the Office of John Riddel in Hamilton, being the place where the same is payable, and speaking to him, did demand payment of the said Note, to which he answered "No funds"

Wherefore, I, the said Notary, at the request aforesaid, have protested, and do hereby solemnly protest, as well against all the parties to the said Note, as against all other persons whom it may concern for all interest, Damages, Costs, Charges, Expenses, and other losses suffered or to be suffered for want of payment of the said Note. And afterwards, on the day and year mentioned in the margin, I, the said Notary Public, did serve due notice, according to Law, of the said Presentment, non-payment and Protest of the said Note upon the several parties thereto, by depositing in Her Majesty's Post Office at Hamilton, being the nearest Post Office to the place of the said Presentment, letters containing such Notices, one of which letters was addressed to each of the said parties severally, the superscriptions and address of which letters are respectively copied below as follows, that is to say:

John Riddel Esq, Hamilton
Thomas Rae Esq, Hamilton
McQuesten Dr, Hamilton

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal of Office, the day and year first above written.

J.R. Thomson [Signature] Notary Public
J. Richard Thomson, Barrister & Attorney.

John Riddel, Maker
Thomas Rae and
McQuesten Dr.

Note, $150.00
Notarials, $ 1.28
Interest, [blank]

Dated 1st March A.D. 1859
Due, 4th July A.D. 1859


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