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W0299 PROTEST OF THE PROMISSORY NOTE of McQuesten and Company to pay J.Van Norman and Son.
Aug 28 1841
From: Hamilton Ontario

PROTEST NOTE for Dr. Calvin McQuesten
August 28, 1841

ON THIS DAY, the twenty eight of August in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty-one, at the request of The President, Director and Company of the Commercial Banks Int. holders of the original Bill, whereof a true copy is on the other side written: I, the undersigned, Public Notary, duly commifsioned [sic] by Royal Authority, in and for that trust of the Province of Canada, formerly Upper Canada, residing in the village of Dundas went to the Gore Bank in Hamilton where the said Bill is payable, and speaking unto Andrew Steven Esquire, the Cashier exhibited unto him the said original Bill, and demanded payment thereof, whereunto he answered "there are no funds for it."

Therefore, I the said Notary, at the request aforesaid have Protested, and by these presents do solemnly protest as well against the Drawers and Endorsers of the said original Bill, as against all others whom it may concern, for all costs, charges, damages and interests suffered, and to be suffered, for want of payment of the said Bill. And to this end [?] Messrs. Joseph Van Norman & Son, endorsers of this said Bill may not [?] ignorant in his promises, I have served them with a certified copy of these presents by mailing the same to their Address at Lory Court, Vittoria Park Office.

DONE AND PROTESTED, at Hamilton aforesaid, the day and year above written.

In Testimonium Veritatis.

James Ewart, Notary Public

Hamilton 25th May 1841
225 pounds Order of

Three months after dates for values received we promise to pay J. Van Norman & Son on order, at this your Bank in Hamilton the sum Two hundred and twenty five pounds [?].
McQuesten & Co.
Pay J. Camenden by cashier on order J. Van Norman & son
Pay James B. Ewart Esq. on order
[Signature] J. Camenden, Cashier

1 For the original promissory note, which this document protests, see W0298.

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