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Oct 6 1858
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten
From: Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton 6th Oct 1858
Schedule of Receipts for moneys advanced by Calvin McQuesten and John Fisher to the late Thomas Davidson secured by mortgage 1

Our receipt dated 29th Augt. 1854 for 100.00 pounds
Our receipt dated 25th July 1854 for 125.00 pounds
Our receipt dated 8th Augt. 1854 for 200.00 pounds
Our receipt dated 2nd July 1854 for 500.00 pounds
Our receipt dated 18th July 1854 for 125.00 pounds
Our receipt dated 26th May 1854 for 1200.00 pounds
Our receipt dated 4th Augt. 1856 for Secured by the first mortgage on the Royal Hotel Property 17th July and 4th Augt. 1856 for 1000.00

(x 500.0 pounds) 18th June 1857 Cheque 250 pounds
2nd July 1857 Cheque 250 pounds
[Total] 500

x 1200 pounds 7th March 1857 cheque 150 pounds
14th March 187 cheque 150 pounds
17th April 1857 cheque 400 pounds
29 April 1857 cheque 250 pounds
26th May 1857 cheque 250 pounds
[Total] 1200 pounds

One receipt dated 1st Nov 1857 87.10.0 pounds
One receipt dated 24th Nov 1857 137.00.0 pounds
Geo McKay [Signature]
All these receipts specify that the amts [sic] are all secured by Mortgage.

This corresponds with the receipts described in it [?] with [?] 6th Oct 1888 W. S. Wilson [Signature]

1 Dr. Calvin McQuesten may have owned the Royal Hotel in Hamilton, that may be the reason for these and following documents being in the McQuesten files. Or he may have held the mortgage, or he may have done the repairs through his foundry.

See letters about Dr. Calvin McQuesten and Royal Hotel, lease, repairs, mortgage, dividends and Isaac's debts: W0198, 1858; W0310, 1859; W0262, 1859; W0206, 1859, W0308, 1859; W0309, 1859; 0305, 1859; W0306, W0307, W0308, W0262, W-MCP5-6.350; Box 03-226, Box 03-337; W0337. Box 14-111.

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