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Jun 10 1834
To: Margarette Barker Lerned McQuesten Brockport New York
From: Samantha [??] Montpelier Vermont

Mrs. M'Questen
Dear Friend,

I wish to write a few very familiar lines this evening to one who will I think excuse me for using familiarity. A young physician who is going next week to Michigan has kindly offered to be the bearer of any communications I may wish to make to friends in Brockport. I commence thus early that I may make out my complement in the short time I can command, & call it leisure, out of school. I find quite enough to do to manage 45 scholars. To accomplish it, I wear in school, such a stern countenance as I never did before. Indeed they (my scholars) are ready to take advantage of the least relaxation. I do intreat [entreat] you however, not to think my face so firmly set, that it cannot be contracted into a smile. I believe I am not quite so unnatural as that, as I think I could prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt were I to present myself in your own room in my usual unceremonious manner. I should like a social talk with you & your dear husband this eve, & find the thought a strange one, even now, that by the distance of space there is between us, it is out of my power to do so.

11. I have been out for the first time to make a few calls in return for some that I had the first week after I came home. I have only called at my father this P.M. & was enquired of it I had been in the habit of attending a circle of the kind in my absence. I was ashamed, though obliged to speak of the failure of one in which we were interested last summer. They meet here with the same ardour they did 3 years since. I begin to despair of ever making out much of a bundle at the rate I now advance. I hope to write more to-morrow.

12. I wish to say to you that I very much enjoy the sight of hills & mountain scenery. Those hills, which to an eye unaccustomed to them would, I presume, appear hideous, are delightful to me. I went a few evenings since with my father upon one that overlooks this charming villa & the view of a winding stream the buildings with adjoining shrubbery & shade trees, the hills green & bright with vegetation near, & the blue ones in the distance, was truly enchanting. And to conclude, we were joined by Mr [?], our preceptor, whose conversation is "like apples of gold in pictures of silver".

By this time I believe you will think me to be quite in a prosing strain. So to save myself from [??] I will leave writing and go to school.

Eve. I have passed another day with my company of scholars & thought after I returned home this eve that although it had commenced raining & I was rather fatigued with my days labour still if I was in Brockport I could run in to Dr. M'Questen's & spend a few minutes. And a poor substitute this is; for I cannot fasten one thing in my mind long enough to write it & not omit words & commit many like errors.

On going to my school-room this morn I found a long string of [??] wild strawberries upon my desk, & a fire, for a [rarity?], in my stove. It was not very much needed, however. I hope that I may soon hear of your comfortable health & happiness. Your husband too, I feel a lively interest in his weal & woe. And here permit me to speak of my gratitude for the favours I daily received at both your hands during the last year, of my stay in B. I love to dwell upon it, & speak of them to my friends. May the reward of the righteous be yours. How do you enjoy the ministry of Dr. Hunter? Is [??] able to attend church? Please to remember me with affection to Mrs. McClure & Mrs. Sadler.

Sab. Eve. June 15. I write a line this sacred eve that my letter may be ready, as it may be called for in the morning. I hope it will not be, & I shall, if possible, add more. I am ashamed that my letter has so much of the non-essential in it.

Rev. Mr. Hopkins, our pastor, has been absent on a visit to [Mass.?] since the week before I came home. He is expected this week. Our pulpit has been supplied 4 Sabbaths & to-day we have had 2 excellent sermons read. I enjoy well conducted reading meetings better, I believe, than most people do.

That my dear Mrs. M'Q. & her husband may be protected & blessed by our kind heavenly Father, is the desire of your affectionate, though distant friend.

[Address on Envelope]
Mrs. M.B. M'Questen
Brockport, N.Y.
Dr. Mitchel

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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