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W0747 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her friend Urania Greeley
Feb 8 1835
To: Margarette B. (Lerned) McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Haverhill Corner, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]1

My Dear Margarette,

I hope you will not be wearied out with my impertinancies, but as the Geddes for the sake of pleasing her mother has removed her habitation from Strafford to Haverhill as I am told it will be a good place for me, and Strafford was no place at all. Mrs. Wrifford did not own a house in that place as I expected. I have stayed with Mother by paying my own expenses the same as to any one and have not been able to get employ so you will see it has been a disadvantage to me in one sense. But I have had an opportunity to repair and make my own Clothes which was very nescessary [sic]. Mother has moved to this Place with me and hopes that I shall find business so good as to make me contented to stay with her for the present. She thinks I can be a help her [sic], and so I can, but it will never do for me to stay to my own injury. I therefore beg you to take some interest in my behalf and I will assure you if it is ever in my power to repay, you shall never lose anything by it. If I do not find employ here I shall not be contented long.

I feel as if I should see Brocport [sic] again but when I know not. If you find encouragement and a good house for me let me know if you please that I may get the best place. Why not send on Mr. Fields or some other widdower [sic] that I may have a home near you? Why did not Friend B[?] go to the west? I think it was because I left there and he could not bear to be so far from me. I am a candidate [now?] but how long I [shall?] be it is uncertain. You recollect Mr. Cartland that kept school in Hopkinton when you was a little girl. He is a Bachelor and boards at the Hotel near where I live and we dont know what the consequense [sic] may be. Give my love to Carlos and tell him I shall be disappointed if I do not see him if he comes to the East, if he will take a waybill from Albany to Haverills Corner--through Hanover he can come in to [sic] days, and should it be good traveling he will get here about 8 or 9 o clock in the evening and the expense will not be so much as it would to have gone to Strafford and then a stage goes from the place every morning at 4 oclock through [Salisbury?] to Concord and I believe through Franklin if he does not come he can put a letter from you into Hanover post-office. This is the centre place for all the stages from every quarter of this part of the country and is a very pleasant vilage [sic]. Mr. Hood that used to preach at Goffstown has been the pastor here but by invitation is to be [installed?] tomorrow at Hanover, and we have Dear little Scotchman to preach for us. I have not [heard?] direct by Hopkinton since I left there only by way of Boston, report says that Miss E. Little is to be married the [1st?] of Sept to Mr. S. Wells of Boston. Mrs. A. Green will be [?] in May at H. Give my love to Mrs. [Berry?] and tell her I am sorry for her misfortune. Give my love to Mrs. McClure and tell her I tryed [sic] to see her but could not it was so far. Give my respects to Mr. and Mrs. King and Percy if they are not gone from Brockport and I am not any the less attached to them for coming away. If Percy will write to me I [?] answer it. Mr. Gould has a sister in this place and his mother resides in Newbury Vt. only 5 [miles?] distance. Any one can find me by enquiring at the Hotel. Give my respects to all who may enquire for me. Things look dark and mysterious but I must [leave?] all in the hand of God. The Doct. and your Self accept our love and believe me yours repectfuly [sic],

Urania Greeley.

[Envelope wrapper:]
Mrs. Margarette McQuesten
Brockport, New York
Care of Dr. McQuesten, New York

[Postmark:] Haverhill, April 8.

1 Although the writer has written "Haverill" the postmark is clearly "Haverhill." The date is also curious. The writer has dated the letter as February 8 but the postmark is dated April 8. The postmark is stamped on the envelope/wrapper, which is actually the letter folded into the shape of an envelope and then addressed on the back of the last page. Perhaps the writer delayed in mailing the letter.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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