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W0767 TO EDWARD A.H. LERNED from his sister Margarette B. [Lerned] McQuesten
Apr 19 1835
To: Edward A.H. Lerned, Hamilton, Upper Canada
From: Brockport, New York, [U.S.A]

My dear Brother,

I have had a long letter on large paper written to you, but as husband did not go at the expected time have concluded to write another. How do you do my dear Brother in C? How do you feel among strangers and in the King's dominions? Husband has been expecting to start every day this week for H. but rain has prevented. Received your last on Monday. Was happy to hear of your safe arrival thro' thick & thin. Think you adopted the wisest course. May you now my dear brother see the necessity of yielding to the better judgement of those whose experience & knowledge exseed [sic] your own. May you learn wisdom from the past. Be ever thoughtful--remember your high calling. I ever consider it a good omen in one when they are convinced they have been in a fault to have humility to confess it. "Humility modesty & meekness" are lovely traits in the Christian character & my brother had you yielded to brotherly advice, you would still have been in B.! but I forbear! We should not do evil that good may come, yet I hope you may find much good in the end. Tho indulging in known iniquity brings with it the sting of conscience and the bitterness of repentance may you not suffer sin to reign in your mortal body, and be yet not a worker with evil doers. You will have my fervent prayer for the prosperity of your soul if that prospers, all will be well, come what will.

I must however say it has been a satisfaction to know you was away from some people here. The week you left there was much excitement, which turned public attention. It was horrid to relate, a child or foundling was found tucked under some boards near J. Spencers on the side of the road, with his scull [sic] broke. A committee of 12 were appointed to visit every house in the village to find the heartless mother who either perpetrated the deed or was accessory to it but she could not be found. It has since from some circumstances been thought to be a young Worden girl; I do not hear any of the gossipping [sic] of late--have not seen any one, [nor do?] nor go out much. The weather is so cold.

The report last heard of before you left I hardly believe true, tho' knew nothing about it--or them--whether they mean to go out of the place or stay. I have no reason to change my opinion of them whether that be true or not. I shall send you Catharine's letter you may return it if you please by husb. After he returns shall write home. Have you any message to them? If you are in good business or can obtain it had you not better stay at Ham.? Husband will advise you in all yr. affairs if you request it. He is willing to do any thing for you my dear brother, if you can be profited thereby. A Christian should never indulge hard feelings toward any one--friend or foe. Husband will tell you about W.B. &c. and all the news.

Thurs Morn. This morning while husband was making fire, who should come in but cousin John. The morning is unpleasant or husb. would have started. It is all the for [sic] the best I suppose; am glad he did not get started; they would probably have crossed each other on the way. I will tell you about W.B. The girl that stole his wife's cloak & other clothing sent a warrant for him from Bank and off he was taken in a hurry. The woman was in jail and when the trial came the first words she said cleared him, for she had a husband & he returned without saying a word. He was innocent without doubt & she did it through revenge. No one believed it, so you see B. will ever have something to awaken the ideas of the people, and it is food for the lower class. Miserable food for a mind the Eternal spirit has made & forever to dwell in. There is no stir at present I believe, about any thing.

I will send your shirt, stockings two new collr. & one new bosom which I think much more becoming than [muffler?] unless they are out of sight. You will need two new shirts next fall if you are in this section of the country I can make them if you wish--this one, I send is so thin I would only wear it occasionally. You may be sick & need old shirts therefore keep them. If you go into the drug shop I hope you will be faithful to yr. trust & let every exciting thing alone for if you let yr. mind run upon things of which you have nothing to do it will affect your usefullness [sic]. Do you believe it? Do not wait for experience in that line, but judge from the past, and be modest in yr. deportment in all you say & do, and if you have redeeming qualities let them find it out, and never speak much of what you have done & can do by way of boasting. It is a very disagreeable fault in many "bragging & boasting." No one here would say but you was a good salesman I presume, yet Mrs. W. will find it out? Some say so much about what they can do that others loose [sic] all confidence in them, and another thing I hope you will write evenhanded--keep yr. books in order, yr. writing rather runs to back handed--yr. first letter was written neatly and a good running hand the other looked more as if you was excited by what you was upon.

Margarette [McQuesten]

Mat. Davis portrait painter called and said he left 3 dolls. with you, which you was to refund in other money, says you never did so. Let husb. know in yr. next & he will pay it to Davis & charge it to you.

I shall write some more on half a sheet to put in this as I cannot see you--& husband will not go at present to tell the news. I put a little stocking yarn in for mending, so as not to depend on Mrs. F. Much love to her & little Willy. The babe is well and has a tooth sent through, he now plays with boxes &c.

Adieu my dear brother.

Yours ever M.B. McQ

[Margarette B. McQuesten]

[Envelope wrapper:] Mr. Edward A.H. Lerned

Hamilton, U.C. [Upper Canada]

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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