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W0794 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her friend C.M. Eaton
Jun 5 1835
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Ever dear Margarette,

Although weary with the fatigues of my school I cannot forbear writing a few lines. Your truly acceptable letter was gladly received, & I intended then to have answered it immediately but have had much to prevent. It seems by your letter that you have been brought to drink deep of the cup of affliction within the last few months, but I trust my dearest M that they have been sanctified & rejoice that you have found the grace of God sufficient for you.1 This is indeed a world of trials & afflictions, it is in vain for us to seek satisfaction in this world of sin & sorrow, for we ever find disappointment mixed with all our attempts. It is a cheering thought that this is not our home; that there is one to whom we can go in all our troubles, & whose ear is ever open to our supplication.

You wish'd me to write respecting the prospect of my going west. I shall write you with frankness, knowing that you still feel an interrest [sic] in your early friends. When Mr. Colby left [H.?] it was his intention to settle in Lockport or vicinity, but not liking so well as he expected he determined on visiting the Western States & eventually came to the conclusion to locate himself in Illinois (New Salem is the name of the place).

My mother & other friends were much opposed to my going even so as far west as Lockport, but I thought when he left they might think more favourably of it, had he not gone farther than L. I think they might have been recociled [sic], but when he express'd his determination of remaining in Illinois mother felt that she could never give her consent. Had she other children I think it would have made some difference, (at least I might have decided differently.) I felt that I could not go with any degree of happiness, & know that she was unhappy & for this reason dear M. I have given up the idea of a union with one to whom I felt (I will confess) some attachment. Have I done right? I have often wish'd that I might have your advice & counsel.

You ask who we have in the house with us? Mr. Hatch's family still live here. Mr. Hatch is preaching at [Hillsborough?] [My.?] the family will probably remain here for the present. You have probably heard that E. Little is expecting to be married in the fall, to Mr. Wells, he is not pious but is said to have considerable property. E. has never made a profession of religion, but has never given up her hope. M. Currier is expecting to be married in the fall. E. Clark has been very sick for some time past but is better. M. Hall has just been in. She received a letter from her brother this morning, he is expecting soon to return to H where he will probably be married to Miss Clark. You will perceive there is a prospect of loosing [sic] some of our young ladies. I had almost forgotten to tell you that E. Webber is to be married next Tuesday to a Mr. Zucker. Old maids need not despair.

You ask how Mrs. Estabrook sustains her widowhood? Quite as well as could be expected. She was for a long time much depressed, but seems now more cheerful. Should not think it strange if she should marry again. Clarra [sic] Chase is now at her fathers, & Amanda Greene is spending the summer with her mother. She has two children--was confined with her last since she came to H. her husband is in Boston. Mrs. McAllister [McAllaster] was in town last week. As for Mrs. Flanders I believe she does not go out at all, at least but seldom. I am ashamed to tell you that I have not been in there but twice, since her babe was born. She has a pretty babe, & an interresting [sic] family of children.

In truth dear Margarette I have become quite domesticated, so much so that it is quite a task for me to go out. I am expecting Cousin Marie Chandler up soon, to pass a few weeks with me. Mr. Ballard [has?] lately received intelligence of the death of Charles [?] wife but no children.

Now my dear I would ask if you had forgotten your promise (or at least your husbands) of visiting H. in three years? I never expect that I shall meet you in Brockport! But I cannot relinquish the idea that I may again embrace my earliest & dearest friend in the land of our nativity. Absence does not weaken the cord of affection with which we have been bound from our earliest years! So dear M. you were never dearer than at this moment, & I trust this is the language of many, very many of your early friends. Mother & sister B. send much love. Sister B sas [sic] tell Margrett [sic] that my children are remarkably bright & interresting [sic]. Much love to your husband.

Yours truly & aff

C.M. Eaton

[Written up left side of page:] Do dear M excuse this hastily written letter. I have not time to copy therefore send the proof sheet. Write often & long any thing from you will interest me & I will endeavour to be more punctual in answering.

[Envelope wrapper:] To Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten Brockport, New York

(Mr. Noyes)

1 C.M. Eaton is referring to the death of Margarette's firstborn child, Calvin Jr., born on August 15, 1834 and lived for only ten days. To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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