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W0810 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother-in-law Hugh McAllaster
Sep 14 1835
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dear Brother,

By particular request I take Sister C.'s [Catharine's] pen1 for a moment to say one word respecting brother Edward. In the first place, I must tell you that we have a fine son 11 days old & L. [Louisa] is remarkably [?]--she will write you in a few days therefore you must excuse me for not being more particular.

We have had a family consultation with Mr. Dustin today & come to the conclusion that it would be best for Edward to proceed immediately to Brockport & study medicine with you.2 Mr. Dustin would pay all bills as fast as necessary but he thinks it would not be practical to send you a $1000 but if you should both like he will resign his guardianship to you if thought best but this would be attended with expense as it would be necessary for you to file a bond in our [probate?] office what would require a journey here to accomplish it & another in settlement & Edward has an interest in the old house which we sold them this summer, what would require your attention. However this may be an after consideration. Edward has been a [spruce] young man & I think is very [pr?] at least I have heard no hurt of him. I have seen letters from his employers in Boston & they speak highly of him but I think he will need a [watchful?] eye as he is young & easily led astray.

I am in paper now, we shall be able to close a settlement of the estate this winter. I have advanced to Mr. Dustin $1600 in part for the balance of the personal estate & the money on any part of it can be drawn with short notice should they think best to send you any--should you not wish to take letters of guardianship probably Mr. Dustin would consent to advance you $1000 provided you would make him a note with [sufficient?] surety payable here which would save all expense.3

Respectfully yours

H. McAllaster

Dear Sir, I am in bed & almost asleep but will say come with Jonas do come [?] we want to see you & long to see you. We have a dear Son--Hugh4 [?] Good Night.
Come see us--I am tired your sister, Louisa.

[Envelope wrapper:] [To] Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten, Brockport, Newyork [sic]

Sept. 15, 1835

(With dispatch)

1 W0809 & W0810 were folded together into the same envelope wrapper.

2 Dr. Calvin had agreed to supervise Edward Lerned's education in medicine and had tried to work out the financial details with Edward's legal guardian, Mr. Dustin. However, the situation became very confused and a terrible dispute over money broke out between Dr. McQuesten and Mr. Dustin, who was threatening legal action on Edward's behalf. See W-MCP4-6.233 for more details and links.

3 Hugh McAllaster was apparently involved in settling the estate of his late father-in-law Ebenezer Lerned and money from his funds went to Mr. Dustin for Edward.

4 The baby was eventually given the full name Hugh Alfred McAllaster (W0820, W0845) and it is likely that he is the son referred to in later years as simply Alfred.

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