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W0825 TO MARGARETTE [LERNED] MCQUESTEN AND EDWARD LERNED from their sister Catharine Lerned
Nov 20 1835
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten and Edward Lerned, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dearest Sister,

The painful duty devolves upon me, of communicating to you the death of Mary's babe, "Leigh Richmond"! She feels too much agitated to write herself, at present; and wishes that you may be apprised of it immediately. He died this morn 4 o'clock, of a Relapse from the Hooping [whooping] Cough. He was not considered dangerous till day before yesterday, and during his illness has been troubled with stoppage of breath, for some minutes. They thought him dying yesterday P.M. Mother, H. [Hannah] & Lucy are assisting Mary; and I too, executing her commands.

Mrs. [Gr?] (Eliza Kelly) died last night. She gave birth to a child last Sat which died; And she an only daughter, is taken from parents that loved, and a husband that adored. The hooping [whooping] cough still continues here, and Sarah Platt is not entirely well. She & Mary C. are here this P.M. Sarah sets [sic] in her Mother's rocking chair singing--trying on gloves and saying "I dream my mother's gone, and say, Oh! let me lone cause I cry." I do not exactly comprehend her language, or I would write more.

A little news of importance shall occupy a place in my letter. Last Sat. noon M.A. Breck arrived in Stage from Concord. Miss Joynes and Helen Chase call'd in P.M. and in eve we went to Rev. M.B. Chase's, and Judge Harris'. M.D. Bean was our gallant. Sunday attended the Church, & Mr. K's meeting, in eve Mrs. Stanwoods, and M.D. Bean. Monday took tea with others at Mrs. Stanwoods. Tuesday went in 8 o'clock stage to Cousin Ham's [Hamilton]. A ball in the ville that eve, did not attend for M.D.B. & W.S. Chandler came to Ham's. The next A.M. a call from Col. & Mrs. Long and after dinner we left with Mrs. Towne for home. In eve had a party of young & young married. I invited 60. Next A.M. made calls and and [sic] dined at Judge Harris'. Had a dinner in style; and as accompanyment [sic], sung them a song "Pensez a moi, ma chere ami" (Think of me, my dear friend). Attended a party at Dr. Wells in eve. [30?] invited. H.C. Parker sung and played on the Violin a number of Comic Songs. "My long tailed Clue" "The broken bridge" & "Campbells are coming". This morn have call'd with M.A. Breck on the "gentility" and she left after dinner with Cousin Ham. for Concord to remain 3 or 4 weeks. Mrs. Towne has just returned from one of the meetings, which have been holden [sic] during the week at at [sic] the Congregational House. She is writing to Hamlet. The Hanover stages (three) have just pass'd and fill'd with students--some with horns--triangles and others screaming to the extent of their lungs--they all made a reverential bow to this house, and threw lots of [?] compliments. I did not go near the window, so could not discern the authors of such a Hurrah.

Had a letter this morn from M. Hazeltine, Principal of the N.H. Seminary. She is as affectionate as ever. Tis raining hard, and it seems lonesome to have Margarette B. gone. But for some reason I'm not sorry, since I've no inclination to dissipate another week. She is as gay as ever, and as good also; sends her best love, and says "Oh! the good chats we've had--I long to see her." Our boarders have all left, and so we do not expect any more parting or company at present, I trust we shall see a week or two for sewing, and life by ourselves.

Mrs. F.'s babe is to be buried tomorrow P.M., 2 o'clock, in the Church. She wishes you, and Louisa (if at B.) to write her immediately, and a long letter too. She needs your sympathy, and trusts she shall receive it. Do let us hear from you soon. Hope you are well and happy. Excuse all as I write in haste.

Your loving sister

C.[Catharine] C. Lerned

Brother Edward,

A word or so to you, as [?] paper is plenty. Mr. Pattee has left town, and since the event they've been buzzing that he was a "Prochain Ami" of Miss Lerneds. But tis all closed now, and they continue their attacks on Davidson; a little boy as 'twere; who by the way (says Mr. Childs) "is a fine youth, and has insured the respect of his teachers and associates". But a time with such idle [?] I care as much for these comers & goers, as for a pleasant breeze in a summer's day that comes, revives for the moment, and away! away! Yes Ed? I've done with flirtation, as to beaux, and now come to the sober realities of life, and feel much better for the [?]. I look upon this little world, as a port, for transient visitors; and its inhabitants, as creatures of the moment. So without anticipating the future, I embrace the present, come what will; knowing "Whatever is--is" [?].

[?] call'd to [?], for the fifth time, since fathers death a period [of?] four years and in 4 years more, death will take some and perhaps many more, from our fire sides and who can say or would wish to say "it is I"? Prone are our natural inclinations to procrastinate the day of preparation for the scenes of eternity--but come death will, and happy is the end of him, who can feel a quiet conscience.

You must learn to be wise from experience, and let the past be your be your [sic] monitor. Accept love from all,

Your sister in affection,

C. [Catharine] C. P. Lerned

Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten
Brockport, New York

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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