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W0829 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her friend Helen M. Chase
Nov 24 1835
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A]
From: Concord, New Hampshire, [U.S.A]

Dear Friend Margarette,

I ought to apologise for not writing to you when brother returned to L. I hope your boot came safe to you. You brought them out the night before I put them in my basket without examination & twas not till I reached [Utica?] that I discovered the mistake & I regretted much on your account for your boots fitted you so neatly I was obliged to wear them in the stage that day. I saw Catherine Lerned. She was very well & said she wished much to see you. She appears very much as she used to as ever on the move & talks quite as much sense & nonsense. They all hope to see you you [sic] very soon next summer certainly. Your Sister Mrs. Flanders buried a child last week of the whooping cough is very much afflicted but bears her loss with Christian resignation. Minister Chase thinks her a true Christian I know this will gratify you. She wished to be confirmed when the Bishop was here last fall but felt as though she feared she might bring a reproach on the church & so delayed it, she feels now as though she did not pursue the proper course & regrets that she let the opportunity pass unimproved. She has a fine large family & you can't think how interesting the little things look in pew together so near of a size but one of the number is gone now.

I thought your mother appeared unusually serious last Sunday the loss of her grandchild seemed to affect her very much I thought. I stopped there after church. The little girls are very pleasent [sic] Hannah is as gentle as she used to seem. I hear that Edward has arrived & has commenced studies. I hope he will prove all you could wish, remember me to him will you. Tell Joseph I expect to see him a great man yet has [sic] his brother & new Sister returned yet. I am shure [sic] she cant help loving such a gentle amiable boy as Joseph 'tis out of the question. Give my love to him & remember me respectfully to Dr. MacClure tell him I have not forgotten some of those hours to which he gave wings that past [sic] so pleasently [sic] while in Brockport, & Mrs. Sadler too I would not forget her, I have her card still & should remember her well without it. I hope she has lost none of her activity & bouyant [sic] spirits yet.

You dont know how natural every thing looks outwardly in Hopkinton but the the [sic] families are sadly changed. I suppose Catherine makes you acquainted with them, but it did not look natural to see Clara Leach looking so motherly & Catherine Harris you see I forget their new names. Has sister Alice visited you yet 'tis strange that you who are so near each other should not see each other oftener. So it seems to people here.

I had a very delightful journey had one of our Lockport beaux in company as far as Newark and Mr. H. Walbridge--the one of the "Gift" ahem how interesting! O Margarette you cant think how delightful our trip down the Hudson was & dear good, kind Dr. Macqustion [sic] you must bring Margarette that way when you come to New England next fall wont you? & does'nt she agree with you & I about that cloak.

Yes the grand passion now for Ladies Cloaks is to lay the gathers in folds from the neck to the waist behind & the cape gathered in upon the each [sic] shoulders & brought down I should think by the looks in the side seams so that there is no cape on the back only on the arms & front; it is as deep as the arms at the sides & reaches to the bottom of the cloak in a point before. Do you understand my poor description it looks in front somehow so (dont laugh at my sketching if you please)1 how funny ha! ha! The whole is bound with narrow silk velvet ribbon Miss Wilkins one of the big bugs here has one made so & it is the handsomest garment I ever saw. Now Dr. you mind that M. has hers made just so will you? Give my love to all the folks I know & my Cousin & believe me your

affec. friend Helen M. Chase

Oh you cant think how merrily the sleigh bells sound dont you wish you were here to enjoy them & the cold weather. I saw Mrs. Towne Sunday was well enquired for you.

[Envelope wrapper:] Mrs. Margarette MacQuestion [sic], Brockport, New York

1 The sketch does not appear on the microfiche copy of the letter.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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