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W0841 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother-in-law Hugh McAllaster
Mar 21 1836
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dear Brother,

I have delayed writing you thus far expecting to hear something definite respecting No. 10. All remains uncertain at present. The speculation has been going down, down, down,1 ever since I saw you untill [sic] a few weeks past it has rather revived. Mr. Tappin who has a bend of our Township was called home from N.Y. by the death of his son early in Dec'r. He has just returned to effect a sale if possible. The owners generally feel confident that we shall sell this spring with a profit. Our next payment becomes due in July next, & if we do not sell previous there may be a loss, but the prospects of a sale brighten. I have advanced about $4000 in cash & am now owing about $1000 on demand for my share. I shall endeavour to close the estate as far as possible previous to July, & avoid or get an extention [sic] on the next payment if we should not be able to sell.

The legacies to the Town of H. I am expecting to settle in a few days. We have deferred the question in dispute (that is the interest on the legacy). The other suits have been continued to the next law term in Dec'r next, as the judges are divided in opinion.

I have just had another consultation with Mr. Dustin respecting Edward money [sic].2 I suspect he does not intend forwarding a large sum I understood him as Mrs. Lerned did that is, if you would confirm your proposition to him as you had to her, he would forward the sum specified, but now [?] is it, or at least there was a misunderstanding respecting the time your obligation was to run. He also objects to your note. To him your brother had as endorser, it should have been running to your brother, & then endorsed by him. This would have suited had you bound yourself to support Edward untill [sic] he was 21 years of age or he was [?]. Mr. Dustin says he is perfectly willing to resign his guardianship, but I suspect he does not intend to forward the $1000 mentioned, it might be a long time before the funds could be taken out of his hands, should he feel disposed to retain them. Edwards [sic] share of the real estate is all he pretends to hold as guardian, as the personal property is given to Mrs. Lerned for the benefit of her children & the guardian with her join in discharging me for this part. This last mentioned sum is in the bank & the dwelling house & [?] [?] [?] hands.

I was disappointed in not seeing [Chs?] when he passed through town. I suspect he with Jonas takes the stock & the other partners leave. Remember us affectionately to them. Gave the guarantee to write us soon & give us all the news in town, tell us how your furnace [?] who is going west, how speculation prospers your practice, & a thousand other things I have not time to [numerate?].

Much love to your dear Margarett, Edward &c.

I have no time to copy a [?] you will excuse this hasty written scrawl. Remember me your affectionate brother,


I have not been able to collect any thing more on your demands at Sandbornton. Mr. [Cason?] says he paid you his account & your book is balanced. My demand against him was collected & I could not retain yours.

S. Teller Esq. is elected [counselor?] for Straffod this year. Mr. [T.?] Clement of Claremont & J. [?] of Newport are representatives.

[Written up left side of page:] scrawl I think indeed & so is mine, but we have to hurry as more came Saturday with the packet thus must have all ready by monday noon for Concord. S. Stanley will give this to Mr. [?] when he passes through Concord. Just 12 o clock & all ready.

[Envelope wrapper:] Doct. Calvin M Questen, Brockport N.Y.

1 Hugh McAllaster had been speculating on some land in Maine but lost $20 000 in the transaction (W0869, W0897). Hugh made a number of bad business decisions and the family often had to struggle financially. See W0889 for more details and links.

2 In 1835, Dr. Calvin McQuesten had agreed to supervise the education of Edward Lerned (the half-brother of his wife Margarette) and had made financial arrangements with Edward's legal guardian, Mr. Dustin. By the summer of 1838, however, Mr. Dustin was threatening legal action against Dr. McQuesten for money that he claimed was owed to Edward, which all parties hoped to settle outside of court. For details and links, see W-MCP4-6.233. To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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