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W0845 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her sister Lucy Lerned
Mar 26 1836
To: Margarette B. (Lerned) McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dear Sister M. [Margarette],

A few moments this sacred morning shall be devoted in writing to you as a stiff neck, occasioned by a cold, has prevented my attending Church, today. Yesterday spent the day with sister Louisa. We had just dined, when Elisabeth, came up and said "a packet from Brockport" and run home. Louisa laid Hugh Alfred in the cradle, Mary run and got her cloak, I laid up my work, and we all hastened down to Mother, to read the long wished for letters; we was soon followed buy [sic] Margarette and Mr. Flanders, who came to see and hear what was to pass. You may judge the rest. Hugh Alfred was very worisome [sic] all day. He will be a great rogue I think, when he does not like any thing that is given to him he will shake his head, and say "Ah Ah." Plays Peek a Boo with Jane, pulls off his Mother cap [sic], pulls her hair, and would break every dish in the house, could he get at them. He keeps every one in laughing and wants every one to mind him.

But to myself--I have not attended school this winter, as Mother has been so unwell, and walking so bad but have staid at home pretty much all of the time, sewing and knitting. Louisa says she never saw so much work done. I will give you a sketch. Mother has bound off [?] [?] and has got 10 more to bind. We have quilted 4 skirts, pieced up a woollen comfortable, braided a large rug, made 14 aprons, 12 night caps, 5 gowns, 6 skirts--besides housework have not we been industrious, just as [?]. You must tell Edward that we have cut up all of his old clothing &c. I should have wrote to him, but shall not have time.

I suppose he would like to hear respecting the Sabbath school. We have had no new books in the library, since he left, but Col. Long has presented each scholar, with a book to get lessons in called A [?] Questions. We get a lesson in it, to recite to Mr. Chase, every Sabbath besides our other lessons, which makes it very interesting. Our "Juvenille [sic] Circle of Industry" has been turned into a missionary society and as we have a certain sum to put in the box every month, we spend every other Saturday in working together. I should like very much to have you be so kind as to send me on a few silks, as I have got just one. We make little needlebooks and such things. I should think Mrs. Greely would be willing to send on some, as she was formerly of this town, and would feel an interest in our Society. Give best love to Ed. and the Docter [sic]. I have written you a long letter and shall like to have you write me a long one in return.

from your affectionate

Sis Lucy [Lerned]

1. P.S. We have got two very handsome missionary boxes in the Church door. Cost 85 [?] apiece presented by Col. Long. Please tell Edward that all of this children attend the Sabbath Shool [sic] also that he must write to me.


2. P.S. I wish that I had not written this last scrawl but if I scratch it out it will look worse.


Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten
Brockport, N.Y.
(Mr. Greenleaf)

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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