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W0897 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother-in-law and sister-in-law Hugh and Louisa McAllaster
Aug 17 1837
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dear Sir,

I have been rather dilatory in answering you & forwarding this remittance but I have had a faint hope of seeing you & paying in person what I now send by check. I have been at Concord three times since I processed this draft expecting every time to close my eastern concern but have not succeeded.1

We have one more meeting this week but I have given up all hope of a final settlement & think there is little prospect of of [sic] our obtaining a title to a foot of land or recovering any portion of the money we have paid or even obtaining our securities. I am totally discouraged & know not what to do. I have resolved a thousand times to take French leave of this perpetual, perplexing & like to be never ending concern & I shall immediately if we could obtain our [?] but I think it will not be but for me to leave & have this follow me. My patience will not permit my saying more on this subject & I will close by saying a word on business.

The check you will send me a receipt for signed by yourself & wife. The balance in my hand at the last settlement near $[??] & there remains to be collected from 6 to $700 more. Out of this sum there are several small [?] to be paid & if the suit pending should be decided against us your next dividend will be small.

As Edward has expected a [?] to visit home Mrs. Lerned requested me to say that she has no objection if you think but she leaves it entirely with you. Much love to your dear wife & Edward your [??]

Hugh [McAllaster]

[Letter continues from Louisa McAllaster:]

Dear Sir,

I have room for only a word but let me say we are doubt and disappointment that rascal of a [Carol?] has said, promised, & deceived long enough about giving up the paper to husband & now will not unless they pay as much more. Last eve I saw Hugh while writing this to Dr. weep like a child. Oh! I pity him, pity him so kind, affectionate, honest & sincere to lose by the art & duplicity of others. Holmes is no better than [Carol?] & ought to lose. Had I room I would go to particulars as time but you know enough. Mother sits by me flouncing the 3rd quilt she has made me & says she will do the same for you--that you must come on with E. & Mr. Dustin so says every one & so says L. [Louisa?]. My health is so very poor, prospects dull. I wish we had a home. Hugh says sometimes he will go west & leave all I think it the best way but could I stand this this [sic] ride is the query. Mary the same as ever--has united with the church & had her children baptised. [Sally Colman?] sends love to you & hus.--her sister [Polly?] lives with me & in that respect I am perfectly happy. We have waited in hopes to write you some favorable news but I desire to be submissive [???]. Mother says she shall not write to E. & he may come on when he sees best & the rest of you. Tell brother from me that the 5 years are out.

[Louisa [Lerned] McAllaster]

[Envelope wrapper:] Hopkinton N.H., Aug 17

[To] Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Brockport, N. York

1 See footnotes in W0889 for more on the McAllaster family.

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