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W0899 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her sister Catharine C.P. Lerned
Aug 28 1837
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten, Brockport, New York,
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dearest Sister M.

Your line of advice was attentively perused and in return I shall write a long letter, expressive of my remembrance. Mr. Long leaves some time next week, & by him intend sending communications. Mr. Chandler has written Ed. of the reception of the box; & of the contents, I would say. They were duly valued & inspected; each wondering what else remain'd to be unfolded. Thought myself, the "Drug Store" would appear next.

Last Tuesday, our gents chartered the stage, & I accepted an invitation from Mr. Chandler to ride to Concord, in company with 8 ladies & 7 gentlemen. Twas the anniversary of the Massacre by the Indians, in 1746 and the long carved monument was erected on the left hand side the wood below Mr. Weeks. Procession was formed at Mr. W's 2 1/2 o'clock P.M. proceeded to the hill, where was the monument, with an inscription of gold letters--(and an addition of where & by whom erected) saw it placed, and then cross'd the street (the band playing Auld Lang Syne) to the field where the deed was perpetrated. Under a large Elm was a table and a bench on which sat the ministers--orators--old Mr. Bradley & other distinguee. First prayer, by Rev. Mr. Bouton, was beautiful; especially when alluding to Mr. B. as the oldest citizen of Concord; begging that he might be "spared a little longer." The old gentleman wiped the tears from his time furrow'd cheeks, and the assembly seem'd silent & solemn. A hymn (by Dr. Pierpont) was then sung in Old Hundred; and then Mr. A. McFarland delivered an oration. Riding inside the coach, caused dizziness in my brain; & not having the strongest nerves, was obliged to leave the field a few moments after Mr. M. commenced. Lay on the bed at Mr. W's [?] at qr. past 5. The ceremonies ended, and I mounted the outside of the coach, in [?] with Miss Wiles & Messrs Thom's Williams--H.C. Parker & W.S. Chandler. Was invited in eve to a sing at Capt. Flanders, but unable to attend. After I left the field, there was read an original ballad written for the occasion by a young lady. It has received many encomiums. Perhaps one of sisters will copy it; as I understand it has since been printed.

Tuesday 15th a party of six good folks had a grand ride to [Henniker?]--[?]--Mr. Clement & C. Eaton--Mr. I. Chandler & E. Harris--Mr. W.S.C. and C.C.P. Lerned. After a good dinner, we took a promenade and then had a boat row of nearly two hours. At 4 P.M. we moved on towards Hillsborough Bridge, to take supper, & return by moonlight; but one of the horses was ill, and we turned our course for home. The company took a walk in eve--too fair a night methought, to pass away! Next day after, (Thurs) Mr. Clement & C.E., Mr. W.S.C. & self took a ride all about--beach [hill?]--Tylers bride &c. &c. Sat. P.M. 5 o'clock, Capt. Flanders urged me to accompany him to a short ride. Consented to go as far as Capt. Pearsons; but he had business a little farther he said, and if I had no particular objection he'd continue on. The horse was fleet--scenery delightful; and in seeming minutes I found myself in Weare, 7 miles from home! The night air was damp, and I was completely chilled through. Found lots of company in [waiting?]; & among them Miss D'Erbage, an American by location of [30?] y'rs--English by birth & French by origin. Is a member of Episcopal Church, and excellent company. Mr. W. Chandler and Miss C. Eaton were in also; & H. Judkins, who had pass'd 3 weeks in town, & left next Tuesday morn for Boston.

A fortnight since, there was a party (and [?] too) every day in the week. Mother and I had constant invitations, and most accepted. Miss Judkin's being in town was the cause of many of them. Mrs. Estabrook is now with Mrs. [I?] Chandler, and attended Mary's party this P.M. By the way, I'll tell how I've employ'd the last 16 hours. Assisted Mother in washing A.M. wash'd front chamber floor, & wrote some [?] for Mary. In P.M. went to Mrs. Flanders baked cake swept floors--dusted things, &c. &c. In eve, attended the party, and assisted in serving tea & coffee, whiles Lydia--Timothy & Margarette "pass'd [?]". The party was to have been Tuesday, but [?] Chandler had invited some on that day, so Mrs. F. concluded that if I would give a little assistance, she'd make things come right. Had a very pleasant time. Three ministers & wives present. Mr. [Dicky?] Miss [B?]--Miss D'Erbage &c. &c. making in all 'tween 20 & 30. I am very tired indeed; so shall leave till time again favors. C. [Catharine].

Thursday morn. Yesterday was one of confusion and [care?]. Mother was at Mrs. McAllaster's, assisting her in packing for a move to Concord. Mr. Simpson came in morn, saying Desk must be ready by 11 A.M. to go on with the rest of the baggage--box not made, & nothing ready--walk'd the street in the rain & spoke for box--placed the Desk in good shape--all ready but the label, and the stage started! So much fuss for nothing. Mr. S. (with 50 others) leaves next week, & will take a bundle, if nothing more. Mr. Long will return to Ill. with more trunks than he brought, so cant take charge of an extra box. But trust a chance will present before long. I send a needle book to Edward, I work'd a week or two since; and if the Desk goes [?] [?] to you (for lamplighters) & a pen wiper.

Last eve, Charles P. Gage M.D. was married in E. church, to Miss N.C. Sibley. Mrs. Estabrook led the singing. House full, Dr. [Sa?] & Mr. Stark attending. Dr. & Mrs. G. were to leave this morn for the White Mountains. On Friday last, Mr. M. & Miss P. Molony made us a call. The former took tea with Mr. Ballard & the latter with us. Miss M. was dress'd very neat, as usual; and Mr. M. a little sobered in appearance. Returns to Chicago next week.

Col. Long has just sent in $13 for Henry's tuition on the Piano; and have been to see him, as H. has taken but half a quarter. The Col. said he spoke for a whole hr. and it was Henry's fault that it had not been taken up. Tuition for qr. $10 use of Piano $3. H. goes to Hanover to day; and if I am in town next winter (his vacation) will take lessons.

You spoke of spending my time unprofitably, in the society of some few you could not favor. Dear sis Esq. P. is esteemed as the first in literary merit in N.H. I am not intimate with him at all, nor have seen him since he took tea here with Burns & others. Cant stop to say as much as I could wish, as tis most 12 o'clock, and we are all to dine at Mary's, with Maj. M's family. The goods have gone to Dr. Leach's house, and I go with the family in half an hour. The morn has pass'd without a seeming moment for any thing. Intended to have written a decent letter. But take the will for the deed.

Louisa is not well; and needs my assistance, and though inconvenient, will consent to go. Lt. Gunnison has join'd his Regt. at Old Point Comfort--Fort Monroe--Virginia. Goes to Florida this month. Made us one flying call, after I had wrote you. I shall try and write to Edward at Concord; but must close now, as the bell rings for dinner.

Your affec'te sister C.C.L. [Catharine C. Lerned]

[Envelope wrapper:] [To] Mrs. Margarette B. M.Questen, Brockport, New York

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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