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This letter is partially illegible because the hand-writing is very faint.

W0933 TO MARGARETTE LERNED from her sister Catharine C.P. Lerned.
Jun 18 1838
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten Brockport New York
From: Catherine C.P. Lerned Hopkinton New Hampshire

Hopkinton, N.H. June 18 1838 My dear Sister, Receiving a paper from you this evening, & noticing a few abbreviations and its margins, I feel determined to write you. Have been inclined to commence a letter, ever since I returned from Boston, (on June 7th), but numerous things have determined to prevent that gratification. Have just finished a letter to Uncle [Brighton?], after many interruptions- Edward has examinations studying with Doct. Greigg, & is in his office- Lucy is pafsing [sic] the days in Mrs. P. Frid [?]- Hannah is working on muslin often. Lucy is hemming the pleats to a new white drefs [sic] I fitted- Mother so [?] the bottom of the seam- Lydia has finished washing & did something to the pipes in the kitchen, & my ladyship, is yours most obedient, [?] lack of thought shall call a respite-

April 9th I left in stage for [Ausburn?], where I remained a week, enjoying myself much, & then went to Wistow visiting Mrs Flanders, (daughter of Mrs Covent, formerly [?] Perkins) & other connections in the place. Pass'd [sic] over & wish it [???] a use c. & over at Cambridge, Boston, &c. Had at Uncle [?] two days- said Aunt Diane and much onto of another kind. Have [?] much this year. Benjamin has bought a very pretty cottage at East Cambridge, & tis handsomely furnished. His little girl is a wild one- Hannah & Lizzy board with him & he has businefs [sic] in the city as usual. Edward, Brighton & wife board at his Father's (Esq. Parked at work last C. They had a [?] which I use in the place). Esp B family was very grateful that a few friends had visited them. [??] has been present here, but seemed in good spirits as ever. Wish you could [??] & met him when you visited them last. However, it is enjoyable to [??] of merit [?] and [?] passing your notice. Passing institution or leaving home, to be about [?] or [?] school, but found my friends determined [?] & should have responded longer but our exprefs [sic] as [??] had received and remind, & after waiting to attend the wedding of Mr. Flanders, [??] I started.

Our little village has warmed so much this Spring. [?] Fellows have purchased Mr. Hatch's situation and with painting and blinds and a new fence it is a great addition to the thrue beauty of the street. Doct. Greigg has torn down the old buildings next the Jewelry shop and has built a new home, where the Cabinet Shop stood. In your [?] we are wanting a few additions here & there to our pretty little village.

Do you remember Discussion [Walker?] of Bedford? [??] him when I returned, & [??]. They both [??] since Doctor I. was in town some weeks- left for Edwardsville. I've had much thought since of going through. I had not spoken with Doct. G. since I went to school with him, 9 years since. [The rest of this paragraph and the next are illegible].

'Tis often that I think of Brockport & Margarette, & often that I wish her [near?] begin so myself transported them the distance, for all is [??] very great & journeying to us, a source of the greatest satisfaction & pleasure. I have been from house [?] but not a great distance & now am I reminded of a talked of trip, a little further west then B. & [?] friendly soon would better to see [????] Mr. Dustin requested [?] of all [?] since that question, & has been not as yet retrieved them. [??] boards yet, the propor wants, & when you do, just mail a letter. I should [?] thing in your own place, when you could keep [down?] & we should then [??] with good rural inhabitants. Then saw some western villages, that no temptation could induce us to live in. Mr Term writes from some town in [Gil?] that "the wants of the people are [?] decreed below [?] & their education for the [home?] would complete." There are schools enough here & teachers in abundance, so wages are no inducement. A gentleman in Woburn was offered $8.00 a year, to teach a school of boys fifty-[?]. [Alabama?] and has his board besides. To sum up the whole- I want to come- now, or in the fall- & stay a year- think my health would be better & if Mr. Pearson, or any others wish, I know of nothing to prevent accepting their proposals.

Tuesday P.M.

These and a great pair at [??]- Wednesday for the prospect of [??] of building an Episcopal Church. They dedicated Sabbath & those fair beautiful. [?] now these we such imagination. Edward [??] much engaged to a [?] & we suspect will leave Hamilton this [?]. 'Tis a fine day for riding, as 'tis much colder than has been for many weeks. Do you ride much? How do you like Hamilton? Edward advised the plea. Do you think of coming through & seeking good schools? I think I should like teaching in Connecticut from all accounts. There's a correspondent there, at Mrs. [?] a [?] at Charleston. She pafses [sic] her time at Burlington, New Jersey- 18 miles from Philadelphia. She wrote for us to come pafs [sic] the summer with her at Burlington, where her brothers reside. [?] says that Mr. [?] is engaged to Abigail [?] & I suppose 'tis not to be doubted, & also that Mr. [?] has broken off connection with Mifs [sic]. So goes the world.
[The next paragraph is illegible]
Your affectionate sister Catharine C. Learned

P.S. My friends in Woburn, [?] was to consider [?] but [??] had time & [?] weeks longer. Schools [???] Middleton [?] & [?]. Should I have been delighted to have your [?] to pafs [sic] some time with Mrs. Everett, at Cambridge, when C. [?] should [?] from [??] Hamilton in August. But [?] otherwise, though wish to attend that [Bond?] Academy & [?], which commences about that time, it is to be true? Mr. E's family [?] of the Baptist Church & very pleasant- yesterday with Mr. E a member of the Handel & Hodgen family.

Mother says you may pack up that [?] said thing so first opportunity, as she is anxious to see his little majesty. But 'tis time for me to adieu, as company calls, & I've a little businefs [sic] ahead. Hope to hear from you soon,
Adieu C.C.P.L.

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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