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Jul 3 1838
In care of (c/o)
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten Brockport New York
From: John Woods Newport N.H.

Newport N.H.
July 3rd 1838

To Mrs. M.B. McQuesten

My Dear Cousin,

It is long since I have seen you but you have not been forgotten. I have heard by your friends that you have written to me and have thought strange that I have not answered you letter. I can only say your letters have not reached me, but even this I do not consider a good excuse for neglecting to write. I have often thought of it, but a purpose of learning and eases has led me to put off to a more convenient season. And more than this I have not been certain with respect to the addrefs [sic]. I often confused Brockport with Lockport. Besides I did not [?] your husbands given name.

I was at Hopkinton and Concord a few weeks since- saw your mother and brother who has been with you Mrs McAllister and other sister.- All well.- Was very happy to hear by your brother so particularly from you.- I determined to write, but intended to do it when more at leisure than now. I write this line in great haste to and by Dr. McGregory who is to start soon with his Daughter Marion for Rochester. He may visit if you. If not I request him to drop this into the mail at Rochester. He expects to leave his Daughter at Rochester. Should he visit Brockport please to write by him. If not drop a full sheet into the post office for me, and on receipt of it I will do the same to you.

It is now two years since I have known what its to have health in my family. A year ago last Oct. Mrs. W. gave birth to a son, after which for more than 9 months she was unable to bear her weight upon her feet. She is now able to walk a little but remains quite feeble. Her case has been considered hardly or nearly so.- but she does gain a very little. She can hardly expect ever to enjoy good health but pofsibly [sic] may yet be able to do some things for herself and family. Her sicknefs [sic] has brought upon me a great prefsure [sic] of care and labor. But my health until this spring has been unusually good. Our children also have enjoyed pretty good health. Our youngest, now about 20 months old, has been brot [sic] up wholly be feedings. (His mother not furnishing a drop of milk) But he has been the most healthy child I have ever had. We call him Charles Henry.

Shall you not visit your friends in N.H. soon? If so, do not pafs [sic] by us. It will give me great pleasure to see you and your husband.

I very much wish to take a trip westward as far as Buffalo. But it is very doubtful whether I ever do. To visit you would be one among [?] other stray in [?]. But I must close or lose [sic] this opportunity.

With much affection and esteem

Yours truly

John Woods1

P.S. I would just say that my dear son, John the only child bearing by my first Dear wife is now on his third year in Dartmouth College. When his course is completed if not before he thinks of going west to see what sucefs [sic] he can have in teaching school. He has taught three winters I believe to the entire satisfaction of his employers. Will you or your husband please to inform me what his prospects might be in your place or in that region?

[Address on Cover]
Marion S. McGregor, Rochester
To the care of Mr. W. N. Chinney Exchanged [?]

Mrs. Margaret B. McQuesten2
Care of Dr. C. McQuesten
Brockport, New York

Dr. J.B. McGregory

1 For more on the Woods's see W6336.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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